Toning | Files

6/27/2013 06:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
Now, I am serious about my skincare, I have a veritable cornucopia of skincare essentials, non-essentials, add-ons, emergency stash etc etc, but toner has been one part of my skincare routine that I always felt was OK to skip.  Lately, I've decided to up my toning game, and use a toner every day, morning and night.  
Currently my toning stash stands at the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris - aimed at my oily skin, plus of course, although not a toner, I also am an avid Liquid Gold user.
So, with my experiment nearing the month mark, what have I found?  Well, once toned, my skin seems to be more receptive to accepting the various potions I then put on it.  My skin is also evening out in skin tone quite well - now this could be to a number of factors, I have upped the ante on my skincare in general, and stopped flitting around like I often do with potions, but there is no doubting that my skin now needs less foundation.  So, in conclusion, toning experiment seems to yield results!  Perhaps the results aren't exactly pin-pointable, but toning definitely benefits my skin.
What are your toner views and recommendations?
Love A.x

Face of the | Summer Day

6/26/2013 06:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
Today a veryyyyy quick face of the day:
 Love A.x

Beauty Pages | Rant

6/24/2013 06:09:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!
Today I was having a conversation (and not just today, trust me this conversation is one of the sticking points of my life) about the decline of beauty pages in magazines.  Now, I am a complete beauty addict - I generally flick through a magazine until I get to the beauty pages, read about all the beautiful skincare and cosmetics thoroughly, before going back to read the rest of the magazine.  Now, I was first clued into the decline in the amount of pages beauty is covered on in Vogue around 4 months ago.  Now Vogue is a visually stunning magazine, I enjoyed their beauty pages because they seemed to work hard on them, so much that they melded into the bulk of the magazine seamlessly, with that signature Vogue style.  So imagine my surprise when there were literally only a handful of beauty pages!  What has happened to our beauty pages?!  Slowly but surely, beauty seems to be turning into a web-based world, which is perfectly lovely, I am part of that web, and evolution is inevitable, but there is a little bit of glamour, a little bit of tangibility that comes from the beauty pages of magazines that makes the beauty experience so unique.
Love A.x

Mad Hatter's Tea Party | Sanderson Hotel

6/04/2013 06:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
Today is a little bit of a food and drink / lifestyle post.  One of my beautiful girlies decided to treat me to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel as she knows how much I adore Alice In Wonderland.  I have to say, it was one of the most fun, unusual and worthwhile things I've done in a while, and here for you are our pics of the day!

Everything about our afternoon was just perfect - from the lady who spoke to us in an oh so fairy tale voice, to the little pots of tea leaves we were to sniff to choose our own tea (I chose the indescribably delicious Mint Chocolate Chip).
I highly, highly recommend this for anyone who loves a bit of whimsy in the same way that I do!
Love A.x

Faves | May

6/03/2013 06:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
This month I've actually found it pretty easy to pick my faves.  As you may know, I have had kidney issues this month, and from previous experience I know that skin goes a litttttle haywire if the kidneys aren't working perfectly.  However, and I don't know if this is due to the IV fluids I've had in the hospital OR the fact that I've been extra nice to my skin in anticipation of it going haywire OR the fact I had to make sure I was drinking ridiculous amounts of water, but my skin is pretty good atm (touch wood).  I actually didn't notice this until I put foundation on the other day, and could a) use my fingers for entire application and b) hardly use any foundation.  Shock!  So, in homage to my new complexion, this month's faves is very much complexion focused.
First up the Elemis Try-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask, which I have just reviewed here and I absolutely adore.  I have just finished up the last of my little 15ml tube, which I have to say lasted me at least 10 applications, and is just the most perfect mask I could have asked for.  Soothing, but chemically exfoliating, resurfacing, and somehow deeply cleansing, this little wonder is the mask for you if you want a bit of everything rolled into one.  It is my most used of the month, and deservedly so.
In terms of skin recovery, more Elemis!  The Pro-Collagen Cream, Oxygenating Night Cream, and Pro-Collagen Neck and Bust cream have provided my skin with much needed moisture, all of which work to leave it soft and supple, and almost glowing, which is unheard of on my oily skin.
Next is the Wild About Beauty Mattifying Balm, a presi from a friend, that I looked at, thought ooooo this is interesting, but then could never get it to work for me.  Enter QVC's beauty day, and Mally, who has a very similar product - the face defender - and I saw her use the enclosed sponge to rub in the waxy balm, and press onto the skin.  Suddenly, a light switched on in my head, and I have been using the Wild About Beauty Balm in the same way, in place of a foundation primer and OMG it is beautiful.  It really evens out skintone and texture, allowing foundation to go onto a velvety base that actually seems to grab hold of the foundation, helping a lot with oil control and wear time.
Now, toners.  Toners have never been a love of mine - my skincare routine is super extensive, and it was a step I felt like I could just skip.  Howevver, after a concerted toner effort this month I *think* it's making a difference to my skin, and will continue to use a toner - this month's choice has been Clarins Toner with Iris.
Next up, I have been loving a specific issue of the Financial Times Magazine - How to Spend it - from the 4th May.  This little gem of an issue was the 24-page beauty special issue, and let me tell you, the articles within it were phenomenal.  It explored the idea of Eastern beauty 'Beauty and the East' - their technology, and how it filters into skincare.  This was one of my fave reads from the month, as well as another article within the magazine - 'Bare Faced Cheek', which explored the new textures and looks of latest base products.  Brilliant, brilliant read.

Last beauty fave - bath salts!  I don't really know why but I've had enough of bubbles, and am going old school with bath salts!
Ok, so this month's TV: Da Vinci's Demons, Hannibal and Game of Thrones.  All epic in their own ways, which Hannibal being really intriguing, Da Vinci's Demons being an interesting twist on historical fiction, and Game of Thrones just being the best.  Plus Once Upon a Time.  There are no words for this.  Just perfect for a fairy-tale fan like myself! And of course, the brilliant end to the first series of Elementary!
And that is all for this month!
Love A.x

Tattoos | Maybelline Styleeeee

6/02/2013 12:08:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
A long while ago I asked my mother to pick up two Mac Paint Pots from Duty Free for me, and I just adore them - I have Blackground, perfect for an intensely smoked eye and Constructivist, a lovely warm brown shot through with a pearlised finish.  Now, the price of Paint Pots made it so I never quite got adding to my little collection, but I did pick up a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold a while ago, to use as a face highlighter.  Lately, I saw pics of a beautiful navy, and a cranberry colour doing the rounds, and decided I must have them!  So, off to Boots it was and this is the resulting loveliness!

I adore the colours I chose, and the formula is lovely - creamy and buildable, but easily smoked out.  They did crease on me on a hot day walking around London, but nothing's perfect is it?!
Love A.x