Hardcore Skin | The Perfect Peel

11/27/2014 09:11:00 pm
The days of growing old completely gracefully have now been replaced with the days of growing old with a little help from science. More and more women (and men) want to make the most of what they have, and why not use the latest breakthroughs in science for this? One of the most popular non-invasive ways of doing this is through Chemical Peels. Now, depending on your knowledge of the landscape of the skincare world, chemical peels either fill you with joy, or make you recoil in horror. For us, it fills us with a great amount of joy – peels vary from very gentle refreshers through to deep, aggressive peels designed to treat a variety of skin afflictions, from acne, to scars, to fine lines and wrinkles.

Now I always use Rachel at Aesthetic Nursing Services for any treatments I may need, from peels, to botox, to lip fillers, and I wouldn't trust anyone with my face except her. She covers the majority of Bucks and Chiltern. New in to Aesthetic Nursing Services is Perfect Peel, which uses Glutathione, an anti-oxidant known to prevent chronic diseases and anti-ageing, blended with acids, vitamins and minerals to penetrate the skin at a cellular level to fight all the daily and long-term damage that has been inflicted on our skins. Most people stop producing glutathione at about 40, which reduces the body’s ability to fight off toxins and increasing the ageing process. Glutathione is also proven to reverse the metabolism of melanin, leading to lightening of excess skin pigmentation, especially when combined with the Kojic Acid element, which also stimulates elastin and collagen production. The addition of Salicylic Acid also aids with the combating of acne and inflammation by clearing pores from the root.

The Ingredient List: 
Trichloracetic Acid (TCA), Salicylic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, Minerals.

Now, Rachel has had this peel done, and is loving the results herself, and would love to tell you all about it. She says “this is a fantastic treatment to peel away that old, dull skin and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin.” Rachel noticed peeling for around 8 days, which is something she actually likes, as she can see that the peel is working its magic. After around 2 weeks, results are clearly noticeable, with the stimulation of collagen continuing into weeks 4-6. What is so brilliant about this particular peel is that it requires is suitable for all ethnicities and scales on the Fitzpatrick scale, with darker skin tones  being advised to prep prior to the peel, which is what I am currently doing - I will be updating with the results of the prep and then the peel. Please feel free to visit Aesthetic Nursing Services for more information and prices, plus find a special offer on the perfect peel on their Facebook page.

I hope you find this kind of treatment as interesting as I do.
Much love,
Ani x

One Brand | Origins Triple Threat Facial aka Mask Marvels

11/26/2014 04:28:00 pm
Continuing on the birthday theme, today I introduce to you the Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set – a present from my sister. Like all beauty obsessees, I do love a good mask, and on most occasions, I tend to love more than one mask during a session: the triple threat facial (deep cleanse, brighten and moisturise) is one of my best friends. Lo and behold, Origins kit could literally be named the triple threat facial kit.
Let us start with that lovely black mask – the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (to clear pores.  Psychologically I feel that this works instantly - it’s the black colour! But technically, it does actually seem to work on the skin – thick and unctuous, it is deeply satisfying. Pores are cleansed deeply, and skin is smooth to the touch. Second up is the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask, which was actually a complete revelation to me.  It is nothing like I expected it to be. Slightly medical and menthol-smelling, utterly relaxing, and the super-thick texture of a terribly nourishing hot cloth cleanser. Smush this all over your face, and just relax. This is the ultimate for smoother skin. I cannot even explain how smooth my face felt after this – texture was super refined, plumped and just healthy looking. I think this is one to use before a night out for a perfected make-up base. 
Last we have a blogger cult favourite – the Drink Up Mask. I have to say, this is the one that I could leave out – it is lovely, but I find the Nude Pro Genius Oil to be the ultimate thirst quencher. On it’s own merit, it is a lovely, fruity, cooling treat for the skin. I would definitely like to try more Origins skincare. You can find the kit here. 
Much love,
Ani x

What's In My Handbag | Birthday Edition

11/24/2014 02:51:00 pm
Today is my birthday. As usual, I am 19 again, and loving it. As with birthdays, enjoyable as they are, there is always an element of reflectiveness – so I thought to myself, why not reflect slightly on something a little more candy floss and  - if I dare say so – just a little more shallow. And why not? So today I reflect on what is in my handbag. First off the bag. Found here, it is one the most useful bags I have ever had, and is currently my day-to-day, day-to-night, work, home and play bag. A large-sized small bag, black quilted, with gold hardware and a double strap, it fulfils all my criteria for a non-fussy but fancy-looking bag. Inside is super spacious, with poppers to the sides which enables it to become roomier and really fit a lot of my ridiculous stuff into it! And here is where we start with the contents!
Let’s start with the ultimate oily-girl’s essential – powder. This is actually a repurchase, so I think we can safely say that L’oreal’s True Match The Powder in D3, W3 Golden Beige. Perfect for touch-ups, but also used as my actual setting powder. Finely milled, beautifully yellow-toned powder that really gives a beautifully flawless finish when paired with the Mii Cosmetics Flat Top Kabuki brush (short handled, so perfect for the old handbag).
Next up, my little perfume collection – previous to today, you would have also found another full-sized perfume in here, but last night I pared it down a little. So the full-size is my YSL Belle D’Opium, which I inherently love to pieces. Ultimately not a daytime perfume, but as with all of my beauty rules, I don’t actually have any! Heady, sexy and musky, this is just beautiful. The two mini perfumes are both from The Body Shop, and are White Musk Smoky Rose and Atlas Mountain Rose. Both rose-based, but completely world’s apart in terms of scent. The White Musk Smoky Rose is slightly dark, with a depth of scent that is completely amazing – far-removed from your traditional rose scent. The Atlas Mountain Rose was actually a birthday present today, partly due to the little-known fact that my middle name is Atlas. This is a traditional, clean, floral rose – the type of scent I tend to layer with others.
Let us move on to the lipstick collection – we are actually lucky that these are the only lipsticks in here, I did remove three yesterday! These all actually serve a function, and are at least different shades for my different moods. First of all, the Mac lippy in Snob. One of my absolute faves, this is a face-brightening blue-toned, mauve-ish, soft-looking pink that makes you look a little bit expensive. The Rimmel is called Asia, and is a perfect up-to-date 90s lip that is a little Kylie Jenner-esque. The last, by L’oreal is the Cheryl Cole nude, and is more-or-less the perfect nude-nude. By that I mean, this is the perfect I-have-no-mirror, or I-want-to-top-up-my-lipstick nude. These three together make a pretty wonderful lip wardrobe. Of course, with winter having arrived full-force, and with eczema-loving lips, I always carry a Burt's Bees stick around with me. The original variation is the best, and really sticks around on the lips.
Lastly, eye-liner: I heart kohl eyeliner, and Rimmel’s one is the original kohl I ever used, and is one of the best for super-smudgy eyes.
And that ornate book is my diary, from Paperblanks – very important for an unorganised girl who is trying to organise herself!

Much Love,
Ani x