All the Things | 6th May - 15th May

5/15/2014 11:09:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!
This week has been manic so far, but as I sit here on this night, I am ridiculously happy at the fact the sun has finally come out! Here's a little round-up:
Much Love Ani x

Big Fat | Hair

5/10/2014 07:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
When it comes to hair, there is only one thing I like - big hair. I have a lot of hair, both in thickness and length, and if I don't try and inject life into it, I look like it has just been stuck onto my had, so I try and emulate these wonderful beauties - with Brigitte Bardot having to be my ultimate:

So, in my quest I have been through the whole of Boots and Superdrug and their aisles to find perfection for bigger hair, and these products are the ones that seems to do the best - products that add grit, texture and dryness to the tresses:

The first product I came across was the Superdrug Cocoa Brownie Dry Shampoo, and was a complete fluke that it worked so well for easy backcombing. I bought it whilst on offer as it was considerably cheaper than the Batiste effort.  In essence, this is much drier than most dry shampoos that I have tried, and as such, adds a lot of grip to the hair, making it both easier to backcomb, and also meaning that it takes a lot less backcombing for it to look good. 

Next up we have the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray, which again was picked up accidentally - I was actually after the VO5 dry shampoo, but boy am I glad this stuff came into my life. It is essentially a less sticky version of hairspray, combined with the effect of dry shampoo, and is quite the winner in my book. 

Last of all, the L'oreal Studio Line TXT Supersizing Spray. Now this is a texturising spray, very different from the salt sprays that I use, but it sure works well. When I'm after big hair I tend to use the VO5 all over the roots and through the crown, top it off with some Cocoa Brownie around the front of the face and roots to add some depth of colour, and really dry out the top layer, and then flip the head upside down and liberally spray TXT all over. 

Combined with a little backcombing, this is a winning combination!

Much love, Ani x

Aromatherapy Associates Triple Rose | First Impressions

5/08/2014 09:49:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!

It seems many, many, many of you had a little bit of love for my J Lo post - thank you, thank you. I may continue to try out more celeb make up styles =).

Today I come to you with the first impressions of the Aromatherapy Associates Triple Rose set that came in this month's Marie Claire. First off, I LOVE rose, and this rose scent is no exception. Apparently formulated with the aforementioned three roses: Moroccan, Turkish and Bulgarian - I really feel like I can smell all three, though that might be wishful thinking on my behalf. But basically, the scent is a true rose scent, not sickly sweet, nor artificial.

Onto the actual products - it is basically love. I love them all. No joke. Ultimate luxury facial experience to be had with these bad boys right here. Let's start with the Cleanser: for whatever reason I was expecting a balm cleanser, but this is a lovely, comforting creamy cleanser that I adore. Soft on the skin, but brilliant at dissolving a full face of makeup, this is perfect for either first or second cleanse, or both. Leaving the skin fresh, plumped and not stripped, it is a super lovely and effective cleanser.  

Let's move onto the Hydrating Mask: again, for whatever reason, this time I was expecting a cream mask, and was pleasantly surprised to be faced with a calming, soothing, cooling gel mask that sunk into the skin in such a lovely way. I actually didn't bother to rinse this off, instead leaving it to sink in fully, then following with the Renewing Moisturiser.

Ah, the moisturiser - another little piece of heaven! Thick, but thin, cooling, and immensely hydrating - this has been my go-to moisturiser for a week now, and I love it. It sinks in, leaving a slight residue that I know will get to work whilst I'm sleeping, and skin actually looks rested when I awake.

The bonus of all of these is the beautiful scent - I can't help but to inhale and start to feel somewhat relaxed. A beautiful set, which I think I might actually need to purchase in the full sizes soon. Eek!

Much love, Ani x

Miraculous Hair | Macadamia Natural Oil

5/07/2014 07:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
You may or may not know I have been testing my hair to the limits lately - bringing it from black slowly up to a blonde on the bottom half, only to find I hated the texture (loved the look), and bringing it back down to a mid-dark brown. Of course, this all took a toll, and as someone used to not having to look after my hair, it was starting to annoy me. So it was ultimately timely when I was given the chance to try a few products from the Macadamia Natural Oil range.  And boy, this range was wonderful. 

I actually passed the products onto my sister to try as well - we both have thick hair, but mine tends to be straight, super-thick and coarse, whereas hers is a little silkier and curlier.  First up, we both loved the products.  Both of our favourites was the Moisturising Rinse - a lovely lightweight product, which I used in place of conditioner, this firstly smelt amazing, and secondly left me with the most silky, most swishy hair I have had in quite a while!  This is something we are definitely going to purchase on the asap.

My particular other favourite was the Leave-In Cream, which is a much thicker cream than I am used to using after washing and conditioning my hair, BUT it is an absolute miracle. I tend to smooth through damp hair, brush and dry.  It leaves my hair super soft, but still maintains it's thickness, as it isn't weighed down, even after a night's sleep.

All in all, I absolutely love this range, and would definitely recommend it.
Much Love, Ani x

Faves | April

5/06/2014 07:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
Today's edition of April Faves comes to you a few days late, but at least it's here!

Let's start with the one piece of skincare for this month - Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF 50+. I am the biggest advocate of sun care there is going, and often wondered why nothing seemed to live up to the Heliocare that I used to use. Enter Soap & Glory.  A lightly tinted fluid that sinks into the skin whilst moisturising, and smells oh-so-fruity. Normally this is the last step in my skincare, over my moisturiser, but on the rushed occasions when this has been all I've done in the way of skincare, my skin has still felt hydrated.  Segueing into bases, the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup in 2WN1 has been my ultimate rediscovery. Super-thin, but somehow with acres of coverage, this looks more like skin than most of my foundations. I tend to conceal first, then beauty blend this over the top, using the tiniest amount to achieve flawless, healthy coverage.  

Next up, two hand-ish bits: Neom Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream - bit of a mouthful, but a wonderful, velvety product that has been keeping my mitts in tip-top shape. Drum roll for the nail shade of the moment - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Huckleburry. This. Is. Divine. I don't normally gravitate towards colours that aren't what my head calls "normal" nail colours, but this is on a whole other level. Not baby blue, but leaning a little more cloud-like, this cool-tone is wonderfully spring-y, but I can easily see it translating into summer without a hitch. Love it so much that I painted my nails with it twice in a row. The usual beautiful Barry M Gelly formula, chip-resistant and high-gloss. Heart it.

Newest discovery - the ultimate dupe for my huggggeeeeely expensive Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder.  Thanks to Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty, I have discovered Natural Collection's Crushed Walnut Eyeshadow, which may actually be EVEN BETTER than my Kevyn Aucoin. I've been favouring the super-sculpted Kimmy K look (when do I not!), and this is amaze! I will do a separate review on the ASAP. 

The last four products are all about the eyes - something I've been loving this month, khol-rimmed eyes, all smudged, with lashings of mascara, and perfected brows.  We start with a very old fave, that kind of got lost in the new generation of liner-hype - the Rimmel Soft Khol Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black. I line the upper lash line and smudge it out, both waterlines, and the bottom lash-line, then reline the top lash-line close to the actual lashes. Next up, a coat or two of Loreal's Voluminous mascara, followed by Sleek's Full Fat Lash Mascara. Last of all, brows courtesy of Sleek's Eyebrow stylist, pencil first, followed by spoolie and VOILA!

That is the entirety of April's faves - a few new discoveries, and a few re-discoveries!
Much Love, Ani x

J Lo | The Make Up

5/05/2014 01:00:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!
My day-to-day, evening-to-evening look is always Kimmy K - it's a look I can pare down, or amp up, and suits my features and proportions, so the Kimmy K make-up is forever here to stay.  I do, however, love a bit of the old J Lo.  Her base palette is always so tonal, and her eyes the focus - something I love to do myself.
For this look, the make up is less contoured, and more skin-like that with Kimmy K. In actual fact, although this is what seems to be a simple look, it is harder than Kimmy K's.  The hardest part is imparting the skin with light in the way that J Lo's is - it just seems to glow from within, in a very healthy way. 

What I used face:
  • EX1 concealer in the D300, in a triangle under the eyes, with Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Make Up in 2WN1 as the foundation, lightly buffed into the skin.  Blemishes and scars were covered with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Dark.
  • Highlighting using Bourjois Happy Light Concealer in 21 Ivoire, under the eyes, down the bridge of the nose and middle of the chin.  
  • All of this was then set with Ben NYE Banana powder before the powder products were added.
  • Contouring the hollow of the cheeks, sides of the nose, hairline and jawline was done with Natural Collection's Crushed Walnut Eyeshadow.
  • Highlight was added on top of the light concealer firstly with Kiko Soft Light Powder in 02, then the more in-your-face ELF Bronzer in Luminance.
  • Last on the face - blush: Bourjois Cream Blush 01 Nude Velvet, topped off with Rimmel's Santa rose.
  • All set with Vichy's Dermablend Setting Powder.

What I used eyes:
  • Base of Naturals Collection in Crushed Walnut, topped with Rimmel's Scandaleyes in Bootleg Brown.
  • Eyes were rimmed - top and bottom lash and waterlines with Rimmel Soft Khol Liner in Jet Black, and smudged out.  
  • Lashes were volumised with L'oreal Voluminous and Sleek's Full Fat Lash Mascara. 

Last of all, lips:
  • Rimmel's Birthday Suit.

And that was as close as I could get!
Much Love, Ani x

All the Things | 28th April - 4th May

5/04/2014 10:39:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!
Here are all of the things I felt noteworthy from the last week.
Audrey Hepburn's birthday | Macadamia Oil Hair Products (review coming soon) | I heart the Spice Girls | Dehydrated Skin | J Lo make-up look | Scott Barnes Face to Face | Dinner Outfit | Time | Quick Fix Masks | Friendship | A Curious Fairytale (review coming soon) | Garnier Oil | Beautiful make-up look | May the 4th | Heart this Vogue cover | New Headphones | Discovered this egg cup in our cupboards =)
Brilliant week!
Much Love,
Ani x