Hola Munchkins!
When it comes to hair, there is only one thing I like - big hair. I have a lot of hair, both in thickness and length, and if I don't try and inject life into it, I look like it has just been stuck onto my had, so I try and emulate these wonderful beauties - with Brigitte Bardot having to be my ultimate:

So, in my quest I have been through the whole of Boots and Superdrug and their aisles to find perfection for bigger hair, and these products are the ones that seems to do the best - products that add grit, texture and dryness to the tresses:

The first product I came across was the Superdrug Cocoa Brownie Dry Shampoo, and was a complete fluke that it worked so well for easy backcombing. I bought it whilst on offer as it was considerably cheaper than the Batiste effort.  In essence, this is much drier than most dry shampoos that I have tried, and as such, adds a lot of grip to the hair, making it both easier to backcomb, and also meaning that it takes a lot less backcombing for it to look good. 

Next up we have the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray, which again was picked up accidentally - I was actually after the VO5 dry shampoo, but boy am I glad this stuff came into my life. It is essentially a less sticky version of hairspray, combined with the effect of dry shampoo, and is quite the winner in my book. 

Last of all, the L'oreal Studio Line TXT Supersizing Spray. Now this is a texturising spray, very different from the salt sprays that I use, but it sure works well. When I'm after big hair I tend to use the VO5 all over the roots and through the crown, top it off with some Cocoa Brownie around the front of the face and roots to add some depth of colour, and really dry out the top layer, and then flip the head upside down and liberally spray TXT all over. 

Combined with a little backcombing, this is a winning combination!

Much love, Ani x