Hola Munchkins!
You may or may not know I have been testing my hair to the limits lately - bringing it from black slowly up to a blonde on the bottom half, only to find I hated the texture (loved the look), and bringing it back down to a mid-dark brown. Of course, this all took a toll, and as someone used to not having to look after my hair, it was starting to annoy me. So it was ultimately timely when I was given the chance to try a few products from the Macadamia Natural Oil range.  And boy, this range was wonderful. 

I actually passed the products onto my sister to try as well - we both have thick hair, but mine tends to be straight, super-thick and coarse, whereas hers is a little silkier and curlier.  First up, we both loved the products.  Both of our favourites was the Moisturising Rinse - a lovely lightweight product, which I used in place of conditioner, this firstly smelt amazing, and secondly left me with the most silky, most swishy hair I have had in quite a while!  This is something we are definitely going to purchase on the asap.

My particular other favourite was the Leave-In Cream, which is a much thicker cream than I am used to using after washing and conditioning my hair, BUT it is an absolute miracle. I tend to smooth through damp hair, brush and dry.  It leaves my hair super soft, but still maintains it's thickness, as it isn't weighed down, even after a night's sleep.

All in all, I absolutely love this range, and would definitely recommend it.
Much Love, Ani x