Don't Touch my Face...

4/06/2021 04:12:00 pm
I've never liked people touching my face. It's so foreign to me, and something I had to overcome to actually become a make up artist. It's so intimate to touch a face, and I'm not ready to have that kind of relationship with just anyone! Hence I've always disliked facials. I've had two, and I just can't relax - give me a massage any day.
However, I know so many of you love your facials, and that Covid has led you to seek out alternative arrangements to keep your faces looking yummy and younger than young. Enter LED masks, gua sha, ice globes, and my absolute fave: the Sarah Chapman Facialift. Looks a bit like a torture device, kind of acts like one, but makes you feel ahhhhh all melty, in a good way.
Its all kinds of fantasy weird, supposed to replicate how a facial is performed, with its knobbly, rolly bits doing the job of fingers and knuckles, in the hope that it can reshape, refine and tone the face, whilst getting rid of all that tension you're holding in your jaw (thanks WFH life and tech neck).

So, does it do anything? Actually, yes, anytime I use this consistently I notice a defined version of myself emerging - more seahorse than puffer fish. If you like a good pummelling, that makes you feel both relieved and relaxed afterwards, this is the tool for you. Have a look see at how I use it in my evening routine here.

A Mist a Day..

4/01/2021 06:32:00 pm

Coming out of what we hope is the tail-end of the eye of the pandemic, more of us than ever are taking better care of our skin. Whether it’s the time we’re saving commuting, the real need for sensorial experiences, or the tiny habits that keep us sane, it appears that skincare is back for good.

Things that were well out of our reach in an office, are suddenly intrinsic parts of our new-found working day, and even filter their way into our Married at First Sight nighttime binges. And one of the easiest, most effective things to fit in throughout our day (certainly easier than my Fitbit reminding me to get up and do 250 steps every hour), is the humble mist. 

Ahhh, do you remember your first? Mine was Caudalie, Beauty Elixir – something that is now a permanent member of my extensive skincare wardrobe. I first used it when I was 22 and experiencing breakouts that to me were huge, but to the normal eye, were just part and parcel of life. But you know when you just want to use something that convinces you it’s getting better? That was what the Beauty Elixir was to me. And my love of it was heavily compounded by my idol Victoria Beckham saying she loved it.

After a brief dalliance, whereby the rosemary essential oil – amongst other ingredients – really helped my inflamed skin, I forgot about mists. Gone from my brain. As if they didn’t exist. And then entered La Roche Posay’s Serozinc – entirely to blame for this purchase was the influencer sphere – or, as they were known then, blogs. I used Serozinc and didn’t really see the fuss. Until I didn’t use Serozinc. And then, I got it. Skin calm and health in a fine mist. Perfection in the most unassuming packaging – keeps the skin soothed and helps with inflammation. And now, a never-without for the collection.

At times I would want something more nourishing, and for this I tried Heritage Store’s Rosewater & Glycerin spray. Gorgeous in scent, gorgeous in feel – nourishing without being heavy, and not cloying on the skin. I have purchased countless bottles of this and will continue to do so. Perfect for spritzing throughout the day for an added boost of moisture.

And so, to the latest in my collection. The Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist. A tiny bit of heaven in a mist, complete with its own affirmation “I am free as the air.” And, for a second, that spritz makes you feel weightless. It is stunning. Delicate rose-scented (rather than the old-fashioned rose), which really works to calm the mind – this is my choice of an evening, when I need to wind down.

A mist a day may keep the doctor away.