New In | Maybelline

12/06/2013 06:00:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
I have been very poor of late - starting a new job one week from the end of the month meant a whooooooooooole 5 weeks of no money! And then I got paid, and surprisingly I haven't gone crazy with riches yet! I did however pick up a few Maybelline bits on their 3 for 2 offer in Boots, and have been pleasantly surprised with them =).
So, first up we have the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara - I picked this up because I love to do my brows, I just find I tend to forget, so this is perfect.  Literally a couple of swipes through the brows, and tah-dah!  Day-ready brows!  Now, my brows don't really need a lot of attention, so this is perfect for myself, but if you have sparse brows in the first place, I do not think this is quite the product for you!
Next up, the Master Kajal Khol Liner.  I love khol and kajal, they are just perfect for me, but I was disappointed with the last Maybelline one, which to me was neither khol nor kajal, but after running out of my Rimmel Scandaleyes, I thought I'd give this a little go, and actually I really like it! It is lovely and dark, a little bit smudgy, just the way I like it, and stays put on the waterline!
So Maybelline have scored a hit!
Much Love, Ani x

Beauty Faves | November

12/05/2013 11:39:00 am
Hola Munchkins!
November seems like its been the longest yet shortest month ever.  I am now a 26 year old and very much looking forward to December!
First things first, I have been loving a new cleanser this month - the infamous Eve Lom Cleanser, which I received as a little sample pot, and will be one of the first things I purchase on pay day!  In short, it is a beautiful balm cleanser that emulsifies slightly when you add water, removing quite literally all of my make up, even my thick eyeliner and mascara.  I emulsify with a little water, then remove with a hot flannel, and my skin loves it! The small pot I had managed to last me between 2 and 3 months, even using it super generously!
Next up is the wonderfully named skinChemists Venom Mask.  I'm sure many of you have been experiencing confused skin due to the cold, biting weather, and I'm sure, like mine, yours might be dehydrated.  Enter the Venom Mask - moisture in a tube! With syn-ake, which helps the fight against ageing and hyaluronic acid (that wonder ingredient), it is the most perfect overnight mask.
Maybelline's Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick is up next - a wonderful foundation stick that glides on the skin, buffs in beautifully and really does help control shine.  
Bourjois' Blush Eclusif has graced my cheeks almost every single day this month - the perfect pink, cream-blush hue that just adds a little prettiness to every look.  
What have your faves been this month?
Much Love, Ani x

Sunday's Snaps | Six

12/01/2013 09:42:00 pm
Hola Munchkins!
Ahhhhhh so this working and blogging malarkey is one that I still have to figure out, so posts have been a bit sparse! Worry not though, my favourites post is coming tomorrow annnnnnnnnnd I now write the magazine/ blog for my work, so you can also catch me editing and writing at skinChemists Magazine.
This week (last sun-this sun) has encompassed some busy-ness at work, my birthday, my mum's birthday, general festive feelings and holiday preparations!
Princess cake for me | Unicorn card from siblings | Rose cake for mummy | Some Christmas lights | I want this penguin | Manga book for a cousin | Need this ring, love the green | Bday card from a bestie | Krispy Kremes | A saying about myself =)
Love A.x