Today's post is on the newest cleanser in my life: La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for oily sensitive skin. 
First up, the name is a bit of a mouthful, but it is direct and too the point.  This is just what it says on the tube - a purifying foaming gel for oily, sensitive skins!  I received this from the lovely Steph who does PR for La Roche Posay, after she asked a little about my skin she decided this would be the best product for me to try out.  The Effaclar range is designed with oily skin in mind - especially oily skins prone to imperfections.  The range targets oil production, imperfections, large pores and skin texture.
I have to say, I pretty much love this cleanser.  The first thing to note is the size, its humongous!  200ml of lovely, lovely product, and seeing as only a teeny weeny bit is needed every time you use it, it should last a ridiculously long time!  So, what makes this product so good?  Welllll, I think its somewhat to do with the simplicity of the product: it is just a very good, basic staple to have in your skincare arsenal.  In terms of smell, there isn't really one, it just smells kind of soft and clean.  You squeeze a little into your palm, then I tend to lather up in my hands, and apply directly to the face, and massage, massage, massage!  
I then add a little water at a time, depending on how I feel, and splash off with warm water, or with a wrung-out flannel.  Despite the simplicity of the product, it contains sebo-regulating ingredients, as well as thermal spring water to help keep the skin both hydrated and oil-free.  The lather is all sorts of luxurious: thick, creamy, soft, definitely feels more luxurious than the price tag (£10.21 for the 200ml) and the simplistic packaging would have you believe!  
And the results after a cleanse?  Soft, bright, plump, smooth - takes off ALL make up in a jiffy: you must all know how I always use a specific eye make up remover before washing off the rest of the make up on my face (generally its because I wear contact lenses, and like to be thorough whilst also making sure the cleanser doesn't get into my eyes), but with this, I just screw up my eyes and have a rub with the lather, wash off and most of my heavy eye make up if off without irritating my eyes or contact lenses.  I then just take a tiny bit of eye make up remover and wipe the residue away.
All in all, a COMPLETE staple for anyone with skin like mine - definitely will buy this myself, the price point is extremely good!
Love A.x