So, I have to admit it, I looooove Kim Kardashian.  Mostly its her face: always immaculate and seamless, perfectly polished!  I've had the much-raved about Nars Turkish Delight for about a year now, and go through phases of loving and hating it: it is a very light, very milky pink, a gorgeous colour BUT can look dreadful on lips that aren't as smooth as a baby's behind. And my lips are quite often dry.  Mac Angel is a recent acquisition from a Back to Mac visit - I have lusted after it for forever.  So, I have swatched for you, on my arm, Mac Angel, Nars Turkish Delight, and the infamous Kim Kardashian combo of the two!
Hope you like!

Actually just a truly beautiful combo for dressing-up and dressing-down days!
Love A.x