I know the blog has been super skincare orientated lately, so I thought I’d mix it up with a little cosmetic action: today’s product of choice is the Inglot Face Blush (weird name – where else would one put blush?!) in 39.

Every time I pass Inglot in Westfield, it attracts me like opposite poles on a magnet!  From the outside of the store, you see a myriad of colours: the lipsticks and nail polishes especially are organised by colour, so you are greeted by a rainbow plethora!  Just amazing.  I actually went in specifically looking for a blush to rival my beloved Benefit Thrrob, which I just adore, and came out with something not EXACTLY identical, but a product which stands alone as a gorgeous blush.
The formula of this blush is beautiful – super soft and pigmented, one swipe and your blush has a perfect amount of blusher.  The packaging is functional and a little basic, a small pot with a screw off lid, but I quite like it to be honest. 
The colour is a light pink with silver glimmer running through, and it does an incredible job at brightening up the face.
I know not a lot of people have access to an Inglot, so I thought a little peek into their collection might be nice!
Hope you liked!
Love A.x