It is not secret that I am a huge advocate of the Serum.  I think serums are an amazing product, and first learnt about them in my last job, where I learnt a hell of a lot about skincare.  In terms of serums, I learnt that a strong percentage Vitamin C Serum can really help with ageing and free radical damage, but in more general terms that serums penetrate further into the skin, and can help repair from deeper within the skin's structure than say a cream or a lotion.  Plus, serums absorb into the skin - in my opinion - in a much nicer way than a cream or lotion, AND they can easily magnify the effects of any current skincare routine.  Now, my issue in life is hyper pigmentation from any spots that pop up along the way, and a slightly uneven skin tone, so my serums are always geared towards this.  In terms of Vitamin C, I have tried an expensive GloMinerals one, which did nothing for my skin, and in my slightly younger days, the Vitamin C Skin Reviver from the Body Shop, which for £13 did wonderful things for my skin: I may actually try it again sometime soon.  I found the Estee Lauder Idealist to do absolutely nothing for my skin, so sold it on Ebay, and discovered the Clinque Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector which was just amazing!  In the 3 months I used it, I found the hugest turnaround in the pigmentation of my skin, and would easily have bought it again had I had enough money or Boots points!  However, the lack of funds led me to research and find a slightly cheaper alternative.  I had been hearing a lot about the Manuka Doctor face mask and the amazing results people were achieving on scarring with the Repairing Cream, however I didn't have the space in my very long skincare routine to add in another cream, especially one with no particular oil control properties.  Whilst browsing the range, I did notice however that the brand did make their own serum, this particular serum in fact:
Introducing the Manuka Doctor Api Clear Skin Treatment Serum.  In basic terms, this serum which contains both bee venom and manuka honey, is supposed to assist with hydration levels, skin refinement and texture, as well as aiding to get rid of fine lines and scars.  I would say I've been using this around a month to a month-and-a-half so far, and find it slots nicely into my skincare routine.  I use it after cleansing and toning, always in the morning, and on some nights, depending on what else I'm using that night.  The serum has a pump, which is lovely in terms of hygiene, and I find that half a pump is more than adequate to cover my entire face.  The bottle pumps out a thick-ish clear gel-like substance, which when spread onto the skin almost seems to turn to water, as you can see in the following series of pictures:

The serum literally becomes nothing but a layer of super soft hydration on the face, a layer which feels lovely and soothing, nourishing and cooling at the same time.  I would normally apply my moisturiser over the top of this in the mornings, and if using it at night time, I may add a thicker serum over the top depending on what my skin needs that day, and maybe a moisturiser.
In terms of effects, I haven't noticed anything drastic, but what pleases me so much about this serum is that it seems to be carry on the good work done my previous Clinique serum.  My skin tone is still fairly even, apart from a few new marks, which the Manuka Doctor seems to be getting to work on, and as an additional bonus, breakouts seem to be much fewer and further between.
In terms of scent, I would say it just smells clean, with a slight medicinal note!  I think the bottle would last around 3 months using it between once and twice a day, which is fairly standard of most 30ml serums.
If you like the sound of it, it is available for £18.99 at Holland and Barrett, and I personally think it is worth every penny.  One word of caution however, this cannot be used by anyone who is allergic to bee stings!
Love A.x