Now I'm sure you've all heard me bang on about Alpha H Liquid Gold, and extolling its virtues, but I thought seeing as I've just ordered and received a new one I would just refresh your memories!  Alpha H Liquid Gold is a glycolic acid based product, which helps firm the skin and improve the texture.  Basically, glycolics work by loosening the glue that holds the dead skin cells in place.
Now, I have loooooooooooved Liquid Gold for about 9 months now, and find it really helps to perk up my sometimes dull-looking skin, BUT it doesn't just work on my relatively trouble-free skin: my mum uses it to lighten brown spots on her face, and my sister uses it the same way as me - to reduce scarring somewhat - as well as to help with breakouts.  So far, we've bought 2 bottles of the 100ml, each of which last about 4-5months, but when browsing QVC the other day, we saw the offer for the Supersize of 200ml in the new packaging.  We had been after this for a while, and our current bottle was just running out, so it was  bit of a no-brainer, especially when the 100ml normally costs close to £30, and the Supersize was around £35.

Firstly, the packaging of the product now seems to fit the brand better - it is more classy, definitely more eye-catching, looks like it does what it says, and ergonomically it actually works better: what I mean by this is the old bottle used to be fairly rigid, making it a little hard to dispense the product, but this newer bottle is softer and more flexible, so the product can almost be squeezed onto my cotton wool pads!  Apart from this, the product is still the same brilliant product it has always been, one that I would recommend to almost anyone, bar maybe more sensitive skins.  But, if you do decide to use this, remember firstly to always do a patch test before your first use - perhaps on your lower forearm - and to always use sunblock during any course of usage (although you should always be wearing an SPF anyways!).
Not much of a review, more of a reminder of a fabulous product that slots into my skincare nicely, and I sometimes forget to talk about!  Plus, if you have the chance to buy the supersize, i recommend you do!
Love A.x