Generally, in life I'm a bit of a pink girl.  I love pink.  It just makes me a little bit happy.
It is now July.  The end of July.  And the sun likes to rear its head for a couple of minutes, tease us, and wander back in and amongst the clouds.  What this means is that my skin hasn't got its summer glow yet: you may thing, ah she's Asian, she's got 'tanned' skin.  But the yellows in my skin means that it can look a bit sallow and sickly!  So I need me some sun, which helps add more golden tones to it.
However, I cannot influence the sun, so I'm faking it.  With the help of pink-toned blushers and highlighters.  Most days, I'll use a bit of Mac Briar Rose Beauty Powder on the cheeks, with a little Prestige Baked Mineral Blush in 01 Pink as a highlight on the tops of cheekbones:

Hope you like the products!
Both pretty hard to get hold of now, butttttttttttt they were too gorgeous not to share with you!
Love A.x