Now, this is one of my biggest make-up related regrets:  I did not purchase Innocence Beware! when it first came out in the Venomous Villains range.  I don't have the gorgeous Disney casing (Disney is one of the pleasures in my life) - I also didn't purchase the Heartless lipstick!  Basically I should have bought it all.  Anyways, re promoted in the Shop Mac Cook Mac collection, I decided that even though I wasn't getting the Disney version, the colour was gorgeous enough in itself that I should buy it.  And I did.

Now, I don't buy many Mac products anymore, most of the time I feel they're much too overpriced and somewhat overrated, but when I do buy something from a limited collection, it kind of makes me feel cheated when the casing is just normal!  Mac's only saving glory is how wonderful the product inside is.  Innocence Beware! is a cremesheen, so feels fairly moisturising on the lips, but can have a tendency to slip off, so I always use a lip liner.  The colour of Innocence Beware! is first and fore mostly a nude colour, but with tones of a pinky-mauve running through it.  It is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour, but runs along the same tones, so serves to brighten up my face.  What I really like about this is that it is sheer enough that you can subtly change the look depending on which lip liner you use: I alternate between a nude and a pink, and correspondingly find the lipstick looks different each way.

I bought this at the same time as the Viva Nicki lippy, and that one was so harsh against my skin that I sold it more or less straight away, but this has gone to the top of my favourites pile!
Hope you liked this!
Love A.x