This week I've had a little shuffle around and a shake up of my daily beauty bits and pieces - as a result of moving rooms in my house and sharing with my sister.  One spectacular rediscovery is this little beauty:

It is the Barbie Rosy Glow Blusher, which I picked up a couple of years ago on sale in New Look.  I didn't really have very high hopes for this blush, BUT I couldn't resist the thought of owning a Barbie cosmetic product!  Vanity, I know!  However, this was such a good little find.  Firstly, I love the packaging, a round 2-levelled case, with the bottom level housing a flat brush, and the top level housing the actual blush.  There is also a mirror underneath the lid, and the whole compact snaps shut with a most satisfactory click!
The blush itself is pink - I don't know if I'd quite call it Barbie pink, more of a softer pink with silver glimmer running through, that lends itself to translating into such a beautiful colour on the skin.  I find the softness of the pink coupled with the silvery slithers running through lend it to be a beautiful cool-toned highlighting shade that can also double as an illuminating blush that helps to really brighten the skin.

All in all, a lovely product that I picked up for under £5 - the only thing is it is now discontinued, so I am NOT looking forward to when this runs out!
This picture shows the blush used on the cheekbones!
Hope you liked this!
Love A.x