Review | Lipcote

3/31/2012 09:00:00 am
I love lippy.  I really think its the finishing touch to a made-up face, but as I'm sure all you girls know, lippy can be a terror in terms of wear time!  I try and prep my lips with lipbalm, and if I have time do the apply, blot, apply routine to extend the wear, but meh I'm not convinced at how well it works.  So I picked up Lipcote.  My memory of lipcote is OUCH it stung.  
This new formula, however, is not stingy, so that's a plus!  It does extend wear time, so another plus!  BUT I have a habit of smooshing my lips together, and herein lies the lipcote problem.  It pills!  You know what I mean, like when you put too much moisturiser on and rub it and get bits of rubberised moisturiser on your hand.  It does that!  Kind of reminds me of when you were  little and put PVA glue on your hand and it flaked off.  Anyways, basically, this is never going to be a product that works for me, because I like smooshing my lips!  HOWEVER if you don't smoosh your lips, I think this is a fabulous product!
Hope that helps!
Love A.x

Thing of the Week | Week 3 | Necessity | Epilator

3/30/2012 03:50:00 pm
So the sun arrived this week - although I hear it's leaving soon - and I decided to de-fuzz.  Lovely, right?  Haha.  Not the most lady-like topic, but we all have to do it!  When I was younger, my mother really was against me de-fuzzing.  So I secretly did it.  With one of my Dad's Bic disposable razors!  OMG i suffered.  My hair is really thick and super-fast growing - good for the hair on my head, but nowhere else - and I got ingrown hairs, razor burn, tbh there was no point in shaving because as soon as it was shaved, it re-appeared!
At some point I turned 16, and was officially allowed to de-fuzz, and that's when I started waxing my legs, and also my arms.  It's just such a nice feeling to be hairless.  Waxing was so much better than shaving, and I found it didn't hurt too much either.  For ages, until I was about 21 waxing was my fuzz-removal choice.  Only downside was it was a little expensive to buy the wax every time.  When I got my full-time job in a Medi-spa, my manager used to wax me for free, so that took away that negative.  But I started developing folliculitis on my arms and thighs, so my uncle - a doctor - suggested epilating.
For my 24th (eek I'm old) birthday last year, I asked for an epilator.  And it is the most useful present ever.  
It came with a load of attachments - face, underarm, bikini line, plus trimmer and shaver - and can be used wet or dry.  
I love it.  On Monday I was like oooooooooooooooo SUN let me epilate.  Jumped in the hottest bath ever and starting the de-fuzz sequence!  Only prob was the epilator was not charged, so I have only done the fronts of my legs.  Both ewwww and hilarious at the same time!  But that was rectified on Tuesday, along with my arms!
I really recommend epilators - more painful than waxing - especially on the underarms - but the results are smoother and longer-lasting!
Love A.x

Haul | Boots *again*

3/29/2012 09:00:00 am
Meh needed to use up the no7 vouchers - I actually had 4, but it seems that the fact that I have no more moneys coupled with what I can only assume is the long-delayed wearing-off of the novelty of the No7 vouchers, meant that I could only find two things to buy.  One really, because they were practically the same.  But I did buy a few other bits, there was a 3 for 2 on hehe although, apparently I can't count because I bought 4. Hmmm.  As usual, only pics for now - reviews will come as and when!

L-R: No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection 50+ (also bought the factor 30 for my mother), Tweezerman Eyelash curlers, Models Own Lemon Meringue, Models Own Lilac Dream, Collection 2000 Big Fat Fake Mascara, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Deep.
Love A.x

Midweek Musing 2 | Not washing your face in the morning?!

3/28/2012 09:00:00 am
Hmm so I actually had never come across this issue, but recently I've seen a few posts on various blogs about how people don't wash their faces in the morning, as they feel it's clean from the night before.  Now to me this is insanity!  When you sleep your face heals and recovers, and as such it is generally produces oils, and emits toxins from itself.  Your skin is the biggest organ of your body - it does a very good job of detoxifying itself, and as such, will get dirty, even with invisible dirt that you cannot see!  Not only that, but would you really want to put make-up on top of an unwashed face?  You would be literally trapping the oils and dirt under a layer of make-up!  Or let's think of it another way - just because you brush your teeth at night, and they are clean when you sleep, does that mean you'd even think about not brushing them in the morning?  For the most part, I think the answer is no - so give your skin the same respect as your teeth! And listen to the monkey. I know I do, I love monkeys=].
Love A.x

Rave | Lanolips

3/27/2012 09:00:00 am
Oooooooo I haven't used that word 'rave' in a post title before.  It's really a review, but a review of something I really like, so I decided to 'rave' it up.  Kinda bored of the word review=p.  Anyways, Lanolips (I feel like there should be a chorus of angelic sounds here!) is something I've wanted for a while, but for some reason couldn't bring myself to part with the over £10 it costs.  Buuttttt, the other day when I picked up a few bits at boots, they had the good old 3 for 2 on skincare, so I took the plunge.  Incidentally, a while ago I watched a BBC3 programme about Lanolin, the main ingredient in Lanolips, and I therefore know it is a by-products of sheep's wool.  It conditions the wool of the sheep, and when sheep are sheared, the lanolin is taken away and used in a variety of beauty products.  So no sheep are harmed in the making of Lanolips!  
Anyways, Lanolips is a multi-purpose balm (they're really having a moment atm!), which the back of the tube says can be used for "chapped lips, nursing nipples. cuticles, dry nasal passages, dry and itchy skin and more" as well as being:
  • 100% Ultra pure medical grade lanolin
  • 100% natural based
  • Holds 200% of its own weight in moisture
  • Vegetarian & Baby friendly
  • Animal-cruelty free
  • Non-irritating
Phew.  Bit of a long list.  But I'm sure you can work out from all of those properties, that it is insanely moisturising.  It is a thick balm, that can be thinned almost to a thick oil by the heat of your fingers.  I squeeze a little onto my finger and smoosh it on my lips.  Bliss.  And basically, long story short, it is saving my lips.  I love it.  It is simple, no scent, no taste, 2 ingredients (Lanolin, Lanolin Oil) and is just good old fashioned simple.  Maybe that's why it works so well.  
And this is my rave!
Love A.x
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Currently | 2 a.m.

3/27/2012 02:10:00 am

  • 2 a.m. 
  • 27.03.2012
  • Reading Queen Victoria's Biography by Lytton Strachey for an essay.
  • Being stared at unashamedly by the (not for want of opening) unopened trilogy of Hunger Games books I ordered but cannot read because of aforementioned biography for aforementioned essay!
  • Thinking that my pencil case is toooooo far away for me to get the post-it flaggy-things out of it that I need to mark up aforementioned biography for aforementioned essay.
  • Wishing I had time to watch episode 16 of Once Upon A Time before I download episode 17 tomorrow - getting near to the end eek!
  • Wondering when season 2 Game of Thrones is coming back.
  • Hoping that today is sunny as an Eskimo like me needs the heat.
  • Knowing I should be sleeping!

Super Haul | Cosmetics Company Store

3/26/2012 09:00:00 am
This weekend saw me tag along on a little trip to Bicester Village with my parents.  I literally was only going along to go to the Cosmetics Company Store and oh em gee I so could have bought the whole shop!  A few things were hit and miss, they had such a good selection of foundation brands and individual foundations within a brand, especially Clinique and Estee Lauder, however, the shades they had were the darkest and fairest within the ranges!  So, as I couldn't buy any foundations, I limited myself to 3 brilliant buys: Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser, surprisingly in the shade 'Light Medium' as 'Medium' was too dark - I think I need to catch some sun - it was £19, instead of the retail price of £27!  I would have preferred the oil free formulation but beggars can't be choosers!  The next item was a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in 'Platinum' which I believe is a limited edition, costing me £21.50 instead of £30.50, and let me tell you now, I think shimmer bricks are going to be my new unaffordable uhb-session!  The last item was one I had seen on Pixiwoo a couple of times, and I remember Nic saying omg its amazing, limited edition, but if it's re promoted just get it!  It is a Mac MSF in Petticoat and it is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous.  It cost me £13.75, which is SUCH a bargain.  For today, I'm just gonna show you a load of pics of the beautiful things - full reviews will come when I've had a proper chance to test them all out!
So lucky to have found these pretty things!
Love A.x
Empty home...pretty things...tryna write the songs that my city sings...
- Drake

Review | L'oreal Lumi Magique!...

3/25/2012 02:01:00 pm
Whilst browsing Boots a few weeks ago I went a bit mad on the old 3 for 2 at the L'oreal stand.  I actually went 6 items mad.  Oops.  Today's post shall be a review of the 2 face products I bought: L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation and L'oreal Lumi Magique Concealer.  Well let me start at the end and say WOW these are good products.  Really, really good products for 'drugstore' products.  The packaging of the foundation is lovely - very like the Infallible that I used to have, but with classier accents and general colour scheme - I loooooooooooove rose gold!  The only thing is the rose gold bits are shiny shiny shiny aka you can now see my fingerprints all over them!  Let's start with the foundation
First off - the bad.  The shade selection is ridiculous.  For such a multi-cultural nation, surely the drugstore brands need to get themselves in gear and sort it out?!  I really don't know how they can even use Beyonce as their poster girl - I don't think any of their colours would actually match her skin tone.  For reference I am an NC37, Matchmaster 4.0, Nars Stromboli, Chanel B40 and Dior 031 - my foundation normally falls near the middle of an extensive shade range, slightly towards the lighter end.  But with the L'oreal, I am the second darkest yellow-toned colour - W3 Gold Linen.  The actual colour is lovely on me, I really like the match, perhaps it is slightly too light, but the shade range really needs to be addressed.  The actual foundation reminds me very much of my Nars Sheer Glow, albeit more neutral-based than the yellow of my Simpsons-style skin, but still with some yellow to it!  It leaves a very natural kind of finish - definitely not quite matte, but at the same time not exactly dewy, I think it gives a naturally healthy glow.  I find the wear to be fairly good - it will last on my face all day, but shine definitely does come through if left unpowdered.  With powder though, it wears off evenly as opposed to patchily.  I like this foundation for its 'lumi' lol, for its glow, it is just a lovely product for the cheaper-end of the market - although L'oreal prices do seem to be on the rise.  I like to wear this over a thin layer of Nars Sheer Glow, just so that I have the right undertone showing through on my face.
I also have the Lumi Magique concealer.  Now I grabbed straight at the medium shade, without giving it a second thought because I am always, always medium.  But this weird shade thing means it shows up slightly light on me, however, as I use it only under my eyes, it doesn't cause too much of a bother.  It is very peachy-toned, which I feel counters the blue-black of under-eye bags very well.  The consistency is fairly thick, but workable, but at least you can be guaranteed it will last all day!
All in all, a lovely range - I have been super impressed with L'oreal products lately, however the issue of shade needs to be addressed asap.
Love A.x

Haul | Marc B Bag

3/24/2012 09:00:00 am
Not really a haul, more of a purchase, but that's much of a muchness.
This is my latest bag purchase - a Marc B bag from eBay.  I quite like Marc B bags, they're not too expensive, and are always deceptively roomy!  This one is bloody huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge - one of those just shove it in there kinda bags.  I literally can take my life in this bag.  I use it for Uni.  I use it for taking all of my eBay bits to the post office for posting.  I use it on days when I know I'm gonna be shopping and cba to hold the bags!
It's a kind of dull duck-egg blue, very soft, with gold fixtures and fittings.
Love A.x

Review | L'oreal Rouge Caresse...

3/23/2012 09:00:00 am
So I've had 3 of these for about a month now - I delayed my post because normally I absolutely love whatever new make up I get, then I realise they're not so good!  HOWEVER, these are just lovely, lovely things.  Basically, I have perpetually dry lips, and lipstick can often highlight this, but these tubes of goodness act like a lip balm, with the colour of a sheer, but still pigmented lippy.  I have these in Tempting Lilac, Lovely Rose and Impulsive Fuchsia.
Lovely Rose is a blue-toned, very light pink, and is the least flattering of the 3 I have, despite this it is still lovely.
Tempting Lilac has been my fave of the 3, insomuch as it is a perfect everyday, face-brightening colour.  Despite it's name, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a lilac, more of a mauve, with nude undertones, so it is ultimately flattering.
The last colour is a departure away from my usual light pinks and nudes, and is Impulsive Fuchsia.  I've got to say, surprisingly I love it!  The sheerness of it allows me to wear a bright pink veryyyyy easily, and I have worn it quite a lot of times!
All in all, these lippies are just gorgeous - in colour, but also in texture.  They are balm-like, but with quite a long lasting pigment that wears off nice and evenly.  Plus it is super easy to reapply without a mirror, and I have found myself using these instead of lip balms!  I am going to go back for a couple of other colours - perhaps a red and the nude.  I've wanted them for a while, but the testers in my local Boots are a bit yuk, and the ones in Superdrug apparently don't exist!
Hope that helps!
Love A.x
p.s. I have had YSL Rouge Voluptes, and I prefer the L'oreal!
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Review | Sleek Luminous Pressed powder...

3/22/2012 09:00:00 am
I like Sleek.  I have their storm palette, contour kit and eyebrow kit.  I think they are all wonderful products, but sometimes the contour colour in the contour kit can look slightly reddish, and seeing as I am yellow, it looks quite stark.  I passed by the Sleek stand in Superdrug the other day, and actually purchased the pressed powder in 02 for just that purpose - to use as a pressed powder.  However, and this is shocking to me, shade 02 is too dark! =o!  Lovely finish, but too dark by a smidgen.  So I tried it as contour, and oh em gee it is amaze balls.  So natural, but slightly less flat that a matte contour, with a true brown undertone.  Slight shimmer, but verrrrry subtle, and definitely not glittery.  I have used this now every time I do my make up, and it really just helps my chipmunk / hamster cheeks look naturally contoured.  If you have a look at any of my recent Face of the Day's you'll be able to see it in action.
I really do like this product.  I may not be using it for its intended purpose, but perhaps that will come with the summer sun (one can hope for sun).  It is a lovely natural contour colour, and colour pay-off is great, you hardly need to use any product.  It comes with a little sponge, and if you were to be the right colour to use any of the shades as your pressed powder, its quite a useful little sponge for on-the-go.
Hope you found this interesting, I'm thinking of purchasing a Sleek 3 blush palette soon - need to have a look-see in the shops!
Love A.x
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Midweek Musing | 1

3/21/2012 09:16:00 pm
I really want this kitty...
Love A.x
Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur,
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr. 
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Nail of the Week | Models Own Pink Fizz

3/21/2012 09:00:00 am
As you may know, I have 3 fave nail polishes.  A dark one - No7 Temptress, a light one - Instyle Nails Inc Candy, and a glitter one - Models Own Pink Fizz.  And surprise, surprise, seeing as you've seen the first two, today I introduce you to Pink Fizz.
Isn't it just beautiful?  I loooooooooooooooove it, it looks different colours in different lights, but its a pink that leans a little bit champagne, and in some lights can look silver or rose gold.  I would wear it EVERY DAY if it wasn't so bloody hard to remove!  Literally the hardest nail polish ever to get off, however it turns into a plus when you consider I can leave this on for up to two weeks if I really want, with a few top coat touch-ups and it looks as good as new.
Hope you love it as much as me!
Love A.x
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The pink champagne on ice 
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Wishful | Wishlist 1

3/20/2012 09:00:00 am
Today's post is a little bit of 'whimsy' as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory might say - oh how I love that show!  I've decided to put together a little wishlist - I'm forever writing little notes on my phone and bookmarking pages on the internet, so I'm gonna have a little go at compiling a few bits of it!
Disney Couture Starter Charm Bracelet, Tinkerbell Laptop Cover
Tickets to Matilda!
Chanel Loose Powder in 40 Dore, Ted Baker Make-up bag
Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets! I sooooo need these after seeing the pics of the inside!
Love A.x

Review | Philosophy the Present

3/19/2012 09:00:00 am
I had a phase a while back where my skin wasn't being particularly co-operative, and as such I would always wear a primer.  I'm actually trying to think what primers I used to use, and can't really remember - this should tell you what effect they had on my life!  Not much, really!  I know one was The Body Shop primer, which was  a bit meh tbh, I had no particular feelings towards it.  I have tried the L'oreal studio secrets one that comes in a teeeeeny weeny pot and is ridiculously expensive - I didn't like that one at all.  And Benefit That Gal - which I didn't really understand at all.  Why did I not like any primer I have so far tried?  None of the primers I had tried really did what they claimed to - to prolong the wear of make-up!  Lately I'd been seeing Philosophy's the Present doing the blog rounds, and thought to myself hmmmmmm I wonder if it's any good or if it's just a fad.  But then I saw a GossMakeupArtist vid where he basically said it's amazing you need it.  And then, as if fate was shining down on me, I came across the smaller size on a blogsale for about £2, and I was like yes!  It was meant to be. 
I have been using this most days, and I can tell you, I adore it.  My make up stays on for a full 12-15 hours, and looks almost perfect at the end of the day.  It works so well that when I was out the other day with a friend and they popped to the loo, came back and said to me 'Have you reapplied your make-up?'  Now that, to me, after about 8 hours of wear is amazing!  The primer smells lavender-esque.  I say lavender-'esque' because I don't like lavender, but this is quite nice.  On the GossMakeupArtist vid he did say that some people could experience a reaction when this primer comes into contact with the sun due to lavender, so be careful, and test it perhaps on a forearm before smooshing it all over your face!  It is a white soft creamy texture, and the back of the packaging tells you to make sure you wait 2 full minutes before you apply your make up, and I agree that this is how it works the best.  I apply it as the last step of my skincare - cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser and SPF, then primer.  Would I repurchase?  Defos!
 Hope this was helpful,
Love A.x

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Pixiwoo Look | Kirsten Stewart

3/18/2012 09:00:00 am
I loooooooooved the look of this when Nic from Pixiwoo recreated it.  It actually suits me a lot better than a lot of their looks, but doesn't translate so well on the camera.  However, I think it's a look I'll be wearing a lot!

So here are my version of the products used:
L-R: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 53, Sleek Storm Palette, Mac Blackground Paint Pot, Maybelline Lippy in Windsor Rose, Mac Teddy eyeliner, Avon Supershock eyeliner in Black, Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, My Fashionista Blush Palette
So here's what I did:
Face: Bourjois healthy mix applied with fingers all over face, and blended in.  Fashionista Rose Shine Blusher on apple of cheeks.
Eyes: Blackground all over the lid as base.  Top right (reddy-brown) eyeshadow pressed all over the lid.  Naked Palette in Gunmetal on the outer corner and through the crease (not pictured).  Thin line of Supershock eyeliner on top lash line, and top and bottom waterlines.  Mac teddy on the lower lash line.  Maybelline mascara on lashes.
Lips: Maybelline Windsor Rose. 
L-R: Top right Sleek Storm e/s, kind or a reddy-brown colour, Rose Shine Blush from my Fashionista Blush Palette
Hope you liked - you can check out the Pixiwoo vid here.
Hope you liked!
Love A.x
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