I like Sleek.  I have their storm palette, contour kit and eyebrow kit.  I think they are all wonderful products, but sometimes the contour colour in the contour kit can look slightly reddish, and seeing as I am yellow, it looks quite stark.  I passed by the Sleek stand in Superdrug the other day, and actually purchased the pressed powder in 02 for just that purpose - to use as a pressed powder.  However, and this is shocking to me, shade 02 is too dark! =o!  Lovely finish, but too dark by a smidgen.  So I tried it as contour, and oh em gee it is amaze balls.  So natural, but slightly less flat that a matte contour, with a true brown undertone.  Slight shimmer, but verrrrry subtle, and definitely not glittery.  I have used this now every time I do my make up, and it really just helps my chipmunk / hamster cheeks look naturally contoured.  If you have a look at any of my recent Face of the Day's you'll be able to see it in action.
I really do like this product.  I may not be using it for its intended purpose, but perhaps that will come with the summer sun (one can hope for sun).  It is a lovely natural contour colour, and colour pay-off is great, you hardly need to use any product.  It comes with a little sponge, and if you were to be the right colour to use any of the shades as your pressed powder, its quite a useful little sponge for on-the-go.
Hope you found this interesting, I'm thinking of purchasing a Sleek 3 blush palette soon - need to have a look-see in the shops!
Love A.x
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-Virginia Woolf