I love this lipstick.  It's kind of a lavender-toned pink, and still pretty in your face, but I feel like it brightens my complexion on dull days.  You can apply lightly and blend into lips with a finger, and this gives a pretty, doll-esque lip, or pile it on for an almost Nicki Minaj look.  Either way it's gorgeous.  I normally use it with Rimmel Snob (coincidence) lip liner, which is my most used lipliner.  The texture of Mac Snob (not Rimmel Snob, this could get really confusing)  is a Satin finish, and tbh I find it quite drying on my always dry lips, but it does not put me off at all.  I just love it.  I find it actually stays on a good couple of hours.
It is incredibly hard to captures the colour of this lippy, it is as blue based as the first pic, with hints of the lavender of the second!
I just love it.  When I don't fancy a nude lip, I almost always reach for this.  
I generally don't like Mac lippies anymore (sacrilege I know) but this is one that I think I'll be purchasing for the rest of my make up wearing life!
Love A.x
It is impossible, in our condition of Society, not to be sometimes a Snob.