Today we are talking my favourite make up topic - foundation!  I loooove foundation, as I'm sure you may have guessed, and every time I think ok that's enough, stop buying, I inevitably end up purchasing another.  Today's affair of the heart is with the Estee Lauder Double Wear.  In my quest to achieve complexion perfection (check me out!) Double Wear has cemented itself into my heart.  
I have to start by saying I actually tried quite a few times previously to buy this particular foundation, but the shade range just didn't stretch to my particularly weird colouring.  Fast forward a year or two and one hears that Estee Lauder are extending their shade range.  Of course, this brought joy to my heart of hearts, and I was off in a dash to Boots for a sample as soon as I had done a little research on my shade (I have been let down by those at the counter before!), and lo and behold, my researched shade 2W2 Rattan was perfection to my complexion.  I was given a 10 day sample, but between you and me, I think it's lasted around 3 weeks and is still going strong.  
The colour is beautifully yellow, with a flawless, perfect finish, a reminder of the Hollywood Golden Age of complexions - think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly.  That kind of "wow, she looks pulled together", a kind of elegance about the face!
In terms of formula, this is heavy-duty stuff - there will be no sense of facial lines or shadows here, no illumination, just an even, matte complexion.  I have started to mix equal parts of my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair with the foundation and using fingers to melt this concoction into the skin.  I then take my Sigma F82 and buff, buff and buff until traces of the liquid are no longer detectable.  Now, on good skin days this is more than enough (on top of concealer), but when I need more coverage I add another layer of Double Wear using my ELF Studio Stipple Brush, which I find adds coverage without going cakey.  I literally use the tiniest amount, and wash over my face with it.  I then set (because I love setting) with 1, 2, or 3 powders depending on what effect and longevity I need, and Bob's your uncle - complexion perfection.
Hope you liked my ramble on Double Wear!
Love A.x