Today, beauty bunnies, I have for you a lovely jubbly little compact item.  I loooooove items that are housed in compact little packaging type things that can be easily transported and multi-purpose.  This is the new Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette in 03 (which I'm guessing is medium?!), which has in it a corrector for under the eyes which neutralises dark circles, then a skin-tone coloured concealer, to return normal colouring back to the under-eye area, and then a really gorgeous yellow setting powder which seals all your good work into lock down!

The corrector and concealer are super duper creamy and easy to blend, light as a feather, and soft to the touch, and the powder is ultra-fine.  The coverage is just beautiful, and the entire combination lasts the entire day.  I super LOVE this product - I have been reticent in general to use under-eye concealers due to their tendency to crease, and to feel heavy under the eye, but Sleek has pulled off a little victory for themselves with this!
Love A.x
p.s. hope you like my Christmassy background!