I am most definitely a girl who loves a flawless face.  One downfall of this is that a flawless, full-on film star base can rob the face of dimension and the natural glow that most skins have, and this is a bit of an issue for me.  In my quest for that certain glow, I turn to highlighter.
These products are the most used in my collection, and all serve a different purpose, and are based in different colour families.  
My most used in the highlighter at the forefront of the pictures - the one that is more gold/icy based.  This is an ELF product, I believe it somehow is classified as a bronzer on their website, but mark my words, a bronzer it is not!  It is a lovely champagne, shimmery colour, that adds a realistic dimension to the top of my cheekbones.  Both the NYC in Moonstone and the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat have a rose gold/pinkish sheen to them, which adds a healthy flush to a dull skin: likewise, the GloMinerals highlighter stick leans towards the same tones.  The MUA is actually a bit of a revolutionary find for me - cheap as chips, with a blooming kind of pink tone to it.  
 L-R: NYC Moonstone, GloMinerals Stick, MUA, MAC Petticoat, ELF

In terms of frequency of use, I tend to wear the ELF on a daily basis, I like that the more yellow tones blend well into my skin, and for days where I look particularly dull, I lean towards the MAC when I feel I need warmer tones, or the NYC when I crave cooler tones!
Hope you liked, 
Love A.x