I looooooooooove this nail - so much that I've repainted using the same colours!  Boots were doing a wonderful but wholly not-good-for-my-bank-account buy one get one half price on all cosmetics, so I treated myself to a Models Own nail polish I'd been wanting for an age - Utopia.  Now this is not a grey, nor a beige, nor a greige, nor a lavender, BUT is a grey-cum-lavender!  A grey with a purple tinge.  Lovely and nude, slightly unusual, and just a beautiful rich, creme formula for the winter days.  So I had perfect nails.  And then I further perfected them with my other new purchase - Model's Own Snowflakes.  All I can say is I quite literally NEED the ENTIRE Wonderland collection.  Just perfection in a glitter - multi-sized, multi-faceted glitter.

Love A.x