I am a fanatical sunblock user when it comes to my lovely face.  The Sun (or its UVA and UVB rays) is THE BIGGEST contributor to ageing with most people.  The Sun - which I adore - can create, and then worsen pigmentation, add to the production of wrinkles, and as a lot of people know, can cause burning, which can lead to a larger risk of skin cancer.  So, being a slight hypochondriac at times, I slap on the old sunscreen like nobody's business.  
I actually contacted Steph at La Roche Posay in need of a new SPF as my old Factor 90 Heliocare was running out.  Now, I love the Heliocare due to it's beautiful peachy smell, and its gel texture, combined with a slight hint of colour which never leaves the complexion ashy.  Steph recommended to me the Vichy Dry Touch Mattifying Face Fluid SPF30, which I have to say is more than satisfying my SPF needs.  
I generally tend to mix it into my moisturiser, as I prefer layering on just one cream as opposed to patting an SPF on top of my normal moisturiser, and I find this system works a treat.  The Vichy is extremely good at it's job - when smoothed onto an area of skin, it takes a couple of seconds to sink in, and is then literally undetectable, leaving the skin with a matte finish.  
Throughout the day it doesn't contribute to any oiliness, and aids my mattifying moisturiser to further mattify skin.  Of course, as with all oily skins, oil does peek through throughout the day, but the SPF hasn't meant that this happens any sooner.  I really love this SPF, so much that for once, my fickle self will not be fickle, and will use up the WHOLE bottle before I even try another SPF!
Love A.x