October! Eek!  I know I say it every month, but where on earth is the time going?!  This month, I feel like there are some real newbies and discoveries, as opposed to the same old, same old!  Winter has now truly set in, the biting winds are affecting the already-cold person that is myself in ridiculous ways, and my body is continually craving moisture.  So this is the month of moisture, and my this faves post will be reflecting that!
First up we have my fave bit - the skincare.  As I have said, it has been moisture, moisture, moisture!  Products that have aided me in my moisture quest are: Balance Active Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum, Hydraluron, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream and Antipodes Avocado Oil and Rosehip.  The concoctions I make with these potions, with the base always being the Balance Active, has led to a real increase in the moisture levels within my skin.
In terms of make-up, I'm becoming a slow but sure convert to moving out of my comfort zone in terms of lips!  I have been trying to rotate lippies so that I don't favour my usual nudes and baby-pinks, and have even bought the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in cherish - a lovely berry colour - and my fave L'oreal Caresse lippy formulation in one of the newer shades - Rock 'N Mauve.  And under any lippy I slather on a layer of the AMAZING La Roche Posay Ceralip.
Another make-up fave is a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade Rattan, which I believe is 2W2.  I have wanted this foundation for the longest time, but, after having so many samples of so many shades, gave up the ghost as they just weren't right for me.  But recently they had the brilliant idea of bringing out more shades to cater for more skin tones and ethnicities, and, would you believe it, Rattan is almost my perfect colour.  I love it.  It covers flawlessly, I use a very thin layer because my skin is not particularly bad, and I just adore the finish!  I had a 10 day sample, but I'm pretty sure it's lasted longer, and will defos be going on my birthday list!
Last in the make up category is the NYX Blush in Taupe - I've been lusting after this for quite literally a lifetime, so bit the bullet, and I could not be more pleased with it!  The perfect cool-toned brown for creating a natural contour that actually makes me look like I have cheekbones!
Bodycare now!  I don't often include any body products because I'm lazy, and generally can't be bothered to slap on any cream, but the cold has made my body itchy, so I have had to develop a little routine.  I use my Soap and Glory exfoliating glove with whichever shower gel I find in the bathroom, and exfoliate my entire body in the bath or shower.  Once out, I apply a concoction of E45 Moisturising Lotion and the Good Things Soothing Body Butter in the Coconut and Goji Berries flavour, and my skin is intensely, but not greasily moisturised!
This month's food obsession is Rose Tea.  Beautiful smell, calming, and very, very yummy!
Last, but by no means least, a complete and utter fascination with reality/trashy TV shows is just getting bigger and bigger:

Love A.x