Contouring is something I have always done, but I never quite feel that I've done it right.  I don't have cheekbones to be proud of, in fact I'm a little hamster-ish of face (read: chipmunk, squirrel, bunny - anything that stores food in it's cheeks!) and to achieve a natural, but WOW contour is something I have longed to do.  Step in Real Techniques Setting Brush.  
Magic in a brush.  Like a magic wand.  But a magic brush.  You get the picture.  Now, browsing the blogs as I do, I had seen most people use this as a under-eye powder setting brush, or as a concealer brush, again for under the eyes.  I personally try not to use too much product under the eyes, as on myself it seems to look far from natural.  I purchased this on a whim, exclusively and solely with the intention of using it to contour.  
And can I just say WELL DONE to Samantha Chapman, what a brilliant design this is.  I previously had the Real Techniques Blush Brush and found it far too wide a brush head to achieve any kind of shape on my face, but the Setting brush is perfection.  I such in my face in a kind of angry-fish look, and apply softly and quickly to under my cheekbone (contour of choice is NYX Taupe and Avon Earthern Rose), and I suddenly look quite the chiseled young woman!  Instant cheekbones in a brush.  
And that is all I would like to say!
How do you go about creating cheekbones?  Am I the only one who finds it hard?!
Love A.x