Ah so spring had sprung slightly on Thursday, and I felt somewhat springy (or bouncy like tigger? Who knows...) and painted my nails in my fave light colour.  I have a fave dark colour - No7 Temptress, a fave glitter - Models Own Pink Fizz, and a fave light colour - Nails Inc Ltd Edition Candy sob, sob its hard to get hold of now='[
Nails Inc Candy with Saffron gold glitter on ring finger.  
Candy is a creme kind of formula that it a gorgeous creamy pastel pink with hints of lavender.  The Saffron I picked up super cheaply at a market, and tbh what this means is that there's a lot of clear nail polish and sparse amounts of glitter! But I find it works well on just one nail, as long as I give it a couple of coats, place the glitter strategically, and give it plenty of time to dry!  What I do really like about it is that the glitter is lots of different shapes and sizes, and the gold works well over lots of different colour nail polishes!
Check out the pics btw, actually was able to take them in bright sunlight for a really true representation of the colour!  Love the sun!
Love A.x
The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is that Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy
Fun fun fun fun fun
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is I'm the only one!