The thing of the week this week issssssssssssssssss (i should really say 'arrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee')
S L E E P    R O L L E R S!
I first saw these on Belles Boutique and though oh em gee I want.  And sometimes when I want I just go and buy.  And that is what I did.  They are basically the plain old simple 'old fashioned' type of self-grip roller that creates big fat bouncy voluminous hair!  Now my recollection of hair rollers are thin ones that my mum used to put in my long hair as a small child to get super duper curly hair.  Cute on a small child.  Not so cute anymore!  So, normal old-fashioned rollers, with sponge in the middle so they can kinda flatten and contour to the head as you sleep.  There are 6 in the pack, and I place them on the top section of my hair, curl the bottom half with my enrapture curler because I just love it, and sleep!  At first they can be a teeny weeny bit uncomfortable, but the trick is to position them as near to the top of your head as possible, and then go off to dreamland!
I really love these, as well as using them whilst I zzzzzzzzzzz I've also used them after I dry my hair, in the hour before I went out, and found the results impressive.  What I really love about them is that they don't give any kind of defined curl to the hair, just a whooooooshhhh of 'up-ness'!  The self-grip mechanism is fairly good - I have loooong hair, and it can grip about half the length easily, but I put a couple of kirbies in.  
It's L O V E
Go get!
Love A.x