I know I'm a tad late with this buttttttttttttt better late than never.  I haven't used up much of anything this month - I've been a bit of a butterfly, flitting between different products, using bits of each, and not a lot of any!  Things not included in here include cotton wool pads - I use a load of these for taking off eye make-up and applying toner, and Lush Bubble Bars - I always forget to take pictures of these before I used them, I'll remember next time! Ok, so this months empties are:
L-R: Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, Botanics Face Soothing Cleansing Balm and Inecto Pure Coconut Leave-In Conditioner
I always, always, always use a eye-make up remover to take off my eye make-up.  I wear contact lenses, and as such, don't like having to use a general make-up remover on my eyes, as I find they leave residue that can get into my eyes.  Yuk.  I loooooove this Simple one, it is so gentle and just so effective.  I started using it actually when I had eyelash extensions a couple of years ago, and needed a glycerin-free eye make-up remover to avoid the lashes falling out prematurely, and I haven't looked back.  I have sensitive, eczema-prone eyes, that are often tired and sore from constant contact lens usage, and this is soooo gentle on them, whilst still taking off even layers and layers of black kohl pencil and mascara with ease.  I just put a little on a cotton wool pad and wipe.  One bottle lasts me about a month or two, and I always have a back-up for when it runs out!
The Botanics Face Soothing Cleansing balm has literally lasted me a year.  I love it.  It is a solid balm, that turns into an oil on contact with warmth (so when you rub it in your hands), and really takes off ALL my face make-up in one go.  I rub a small amount between my hands, apply to face, and really massage.  Then I take a flannel, put it in hot water and wring it out, then use it to take of the oil.  It is just an amazing product.  Unfortunately it has been sold out in my local boots for about 3 weeks now.  GRR.  So in answer to would I repurchase: yes, and I always will, but it's out of stock.  As soon as I see it I'm pouncing!  For now, I'm using Coconut Body Oil (see later pics) as a replacement, and also picked up the Mystery Skincare thingy aka Clearasil, because I loooooved the sample, and also it's the ultimate in convenience - mask AND wash.
The last of my empties of Feb is the Inecto Leave-In Conditioner.  Now, I always use a leave-in conditioner because I find normal conditioner weighs my hair down toooo much.  Normally my choice of conditioner is the Boots Coconut and Almond Leave-In conditioner, cheap and cheerful at £1.39, and lasts me about a month.  I picked up the Inecto one because I happened to be in Savers at the time where my Boots one was running out, and I remembered we used to use this brand when I was little.  It smells a-may-zing.  So yummy. I actually went to repurchase it, but as luck would have it, it was out of stock!  So whilst I was in Superdrug picking up Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Spirit (incidentally, even being the Barbie that I am, I don't like this palette - gonna take it back and exchange it for Sugar I think), I spotted the VO5 Miracle Mist.  I decided to pick it up because firstly it was on offer, and secondly I use the VO5 Miracle concentrate oil thing and I love it.  I used this new leave-in conditioner last night, along with my oil and oh em gee my hair is sooooooooooo soft.
L-R:  Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask (mouthful!), Boots Coconut Body Oil, VO5 Miracle Mist.
Love A.x