I looooooooooooooove things that smell so good I could eat them all up!  In fact, many times I have often thought about doing just that, and this latest product is no exception.  Original Source is a brand that I have dabble with in the past - at uni I used to picked up a shower gel or two if they were on special offer.  About a month ago Boots had them on half price, so I picked up the Chocolate and mint shower gel for days when I felt like being a little pampered, and the Lemon and Tea Tree Shower gel for those days when I need a little zing and spring and badabing in my step.  Note, I always have my bath/ shower in the afternoon / evening / nighttime, never in the morning for fear of my silly thick hair not drying and catching a chill!  So the zing wasn't needed sooooooooo much but still variety is supposedly the spice of life and all that jazz.  Anyways, both of these are gorgeous things to use, the choc and mint really smelt authentic, so much so that my sister cough cough tasted it cough cough to see if it tasted of choc and mint.  It didn't.  The Lemon and tea tree really was a lovely option to make me feel extra clean and fresh.  So I loved them.  But apparently so did everyone else.  It seems my whole family decided to get in on the act, and with five of us around, it didn't take long to get through them.
Now, my new set of Original Source Shower gels come from Superdrug, much like Boots they caught my eye because they were on half price again.  This time I repurchased Lemon and Tea Tree as well as the Lime and also the Vanilla Milk and Raspberry.  Oh em gee this smell is amaze balls.  It literally smells like a milkshake.  Perhaps a strawberry and raspberry milkshake but a milkshake nonetheless.  It is also much creamier than my previous dabblings, and is just a lovely, lovely product.  I love it.  It leaves you clean and smelling yummy - although the smell does disappear after about half an hour, but I do not care!
As you can see from the above picture, it is milky and the palest of ballet pinks.  It is fairly runny, but still with a good amount of 'stick' aka sticks to the skin, so you can really get clean without it sliding off you!
These little bottles of yum are so cheap at the moment, I urge you to run, run, run out and buy a load!  My mother does that - always has looooooooooooooads of shower gel, shampoos, conditioners etc!
Love A.x
-p.s. apparently 82 sunrises helped make that bottle of yum.  I like these little facts!