Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, I have become rather caught up with my MA Dissertation, but hopefully I'll be able to blog daily again.
This month has been RIDICULOUSLY good when it comes to magazine freebies - I think I'm going to actually have to go back and buy seconds of some magazines.  So, here is my little freebie haul:
So here we have quite a good selection actually: REN, Avon and Balance Me - I've used most of the products for about a week now, so I'll write a little on my first impressions of all of the products, and update with reviews when I've used them a little longer.
First up, a very nice but basic REN kit free with Red: I am, as you may have gathered, slightly obsessed with REN at the moment.  The products just give such good, tangible and noticeable results that I can't help but want the whole range!  Now, this little kit includes the Vetiver v7 Hand and Body Cream, the Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel and the Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream, and I can see how REN have put this together - all products should suit all skin-types, and not cause any sensitivities or reactions.  The kit is a gentle, comforting one, and my fave so far is the eye gel.  I get eczema around my eyes, so make sure to use a cream or lotion on them, but this gel is perfect for daytime: it seems to be non-fragranced, so would be perfect for sensitive skins, and is a lightweight gel that sinks into the skin almost like water.  The Hydra-Calm day cream is a non-offensive, simple thickish lotion, that is actually pretty nice, but doesn't seem to have oil-control properties.  Nonetheless, it makes the skin feel smooth, soft and prepped for make up, and also seems to be non-fragranced.  The last item, the Hand and Body cream I have only used on my hands.  It smells somewhat herbally, as most REN products do, and is somewhat of a revelation to me, as I HATE hand creams.  I cannot bear the sticky or slippy residue left by a lot of hand creams, so tend not to bother with one.  This one however, is a lotion that could almost be a gel-cream, and sinks into the hands as soon as you rub it in!  My hands feel super supple and almost firmed - I think this may be a way for me to get into the routine of hand-creaming!
Next up, the Avon Supershock Max Mascara, free with Marie Claire.  Now I've been after this mascara for quite a while, but didn't want to pay delivery for just one item, so when I saw it on the shelves I grabbed it!  And oh my goodness, am I glad this came into my life!  My fave mascara is Dior, but as funds are tight, I found a pretty good dupe in the form of Collection 2000's Big Fat Fake mascara: however, the one problem with this is that it dries out within a month.  Now, when I opened the Avon mascara up, I was a bit hesitant due to it having a plastic-style brush, when my favourite is generally big, fat bristle-style brushes.  HOWEVER, after using this, I can say it is my new favourite!  The bristles separate the lashes at the same time as really volumising them, plus the formula is wet enough that it shouldn't dry out anytime soon!  I love, love LOVE this mascara, and recommend that everyone try it!
Last, but by no means least, what could possibly be my favourite freebie this month - the Balance Me daily essentials balancing face moisturiser, free with Glamour.  This is just a truly gorgeous, effective product: I can smell the Neroli as soon as I open the tube, and the scent lingers on my hands and face in such a delicious way.  The moisturiser seems to balance the skin, and soften it in a way that most balancing moisturisers don't tend to do.  This is such a good moisturiser, I am so impressed that I shall definitely be purchasing one more at least, plus I'm now interested in the facial wash, the lip balm and the eye cream.  Perhaps I'll get all of them!
I hope you found this useful, I loooooooooooved this month's freebies, AND there were plenty of other magazines on the shelves that I just didn't pick up that included St Tropez and Neom products.
Love A.x