So, today I'm going to write about a product I've used every make-up day for over a year.  To be honest, I really thought I'd written a post on this, but I suppose that's what happens when you stumble across a truly brilliant product - you think you've told the whole world about it!  Anyways, today's post is on the little gem that is the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder.  It quite literally is what it says on the tin - a setting powder: but the genius is that this is supposed to add to the wear time of any make-up under it, and is also supposed to be weather-resistant.

I use this as the very last step in my make-up routine (unless I'm also using my new Collection 2000 Fix Me Up setting spray), after whichever loose or pressed powder I decide to use of a day.  Now, this comes with a little powder puff inside (excuse the colour of my puff, it needs a wash to free it from foundation), and I shake the pot upside down, take the lid off and apply the powder using the puff to each cheek, forehead, nose and chin, then use a flat top kabuki to buff it into the skin.  

As you can see from the above series of pictures, the white powder literally blends down to nothing on the face, and sets the make-up for the whole day.  It also imparts a perfectly polished and flawless look to the skin, but also adds a hint of luminosity and radiance that can be lost from the skin when a flawless base is created.
The powder really helps my make-up to last a full day, and is one of the few items I will never be without!  Plus, for a product that only costs £14.30, it lasts a ridiculously long time, and is available from Boots.
Love A.x