A couple of weeks ago, I found myself with 5 lush empty pots (combination of me and my sister) and traded them in for a free face mask.  Now, I have had Love Lettuce before, and although I liked it, it didn't wow me, so after a chat with the lovely sales assistant, I decided on Cupcake.
The Cupcake mask has rhassoul mud for clarity, cocoa butter for softening and essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood for balancing of the skin.  The texture is very thick, so much so that I suggest you wet your hands with a little bit of hot water when you apply it to your face.  The mask stays on the face nicely once it's on, and is a mask that doesn't dry.  
I normally put this on whilst I have a bath and relax while it does it's thing.  I then wash it off with hot water, at which point the mask gives your face a littttle bit of exfoliating action!  Cupcake is a pretty gorgeous feeling mask - thick and luxurious on the face, with a gorgeously rich chocolate smell combined with the relaxing sandalwood and peppermint smell.  When washed off, the skin is left feeling completely balanced by the sandalwood.  The soothing mints seem to aid the calming of any breakouts, or any under-the-surface spots, whilst the cocoa butter and linseed leave the skin soft and supple.
All in all, a really effective mask that I would recommend to combination to oily skins, and skin that tends to have breakouts - you can find it for £5.75 here, or free when you return 5 Lush pots.
Love A.x