All these cleansers are used very often, and I feel they are worth their weight in gold!  The Soap and Glory Peaches and clean (reviewed here) is GORGEOUS for using as an everyday cleanser, I truly enjoy the gorgeous peachy/minty smell, and the slippy, but still thick-enough-to-massage-in texture.
The Dead Sea Spa Magik Mild Exfoliant is a treat on days when I feel my skin is especially dull or being especially stubborn: not mild, but veryyyyy effective - review can be found HERE
The REN ClearCalm3 Clay Cleanser is my newest discovery, bought as part of a ClearCalm tester set on ASOS.  Brilliant on more oily or spotty days - a full review will be appearing soon!
Last is my long-beloved Botanics Balm (reviewed here) which I always use on make-up days as cleanse one of my evening double cleanse.  Sucks the dirt from your skin like no other, leaving it soft and supple!
Hope you found this interesting! 
Love A.x