Let me start this post by telling you that this is no mild exfoliant.  This is an exfoliant for those times when you really want to feel the scrub, and the grit, and the gentle peeling off of your skin!  This is some hardcore scrub!

I personally use chemical exfoliants in some form most days - I have the amaze balls Alpha H Liquid Gold, some glycolic-impregnated pad thingies, a couple of serums etc etc, all with either salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid in them.  Long-term, chemical is definitely the way forward, but every so often, just like I said at the beginning of this post, I like to physically feel the grit of the scrub!  I actually came across the brand Dead Sea Spa Magik about a year ago when my skin was SERIOUSLY playing up.  The lower half of my face was just erupting, and my entire face was like an oil spill, and I just didn't know what to do about it.  And I know about skin!  I searched around online, and picked up this Mild Exfoliant, the Mud Mask, the Delicate Mask and the Black Soap.  All of these products are available at Holland and Barrett and sometimes at Debenhams, but I'd advise you to have a search online because you can get these for about half the RRP.  
So back to the product in question.  Now, as my skin is medium-Asian, spots mean scars.  And scars mean sad=[.  After a while of using this range, I found that the Mud mask and the soap cleared up the spots to an extent, but the scars that were left really left me feeling down - I had one especially bad patch on my chin.  As the spots got less, I decreased the amount of times I used the soap as it was pretty drying on even my skin, and carried on with the mask and the exfoliant.  
Suddenly, one day I noticed that the lighter patches of scarring had all but gone, and that any heavier patches were slowly but surely disappearing before my eyes.  And all I could put it down to was the exfoliant.
Now, as I said, it is most definitely not mild.  And to be honest, I love it for that.  When my sister used it for the first time, she said to me something along the lines of "MILD exfoliant? Hah!"  It is teeny tiny granules encased in a cream, and is pretty thick and stiff when you squeeze it out.  

I tend to put it straight onto the skin with my hands, then wet my hands a little, and work the exfoliant in circular motions.  I then add a little more water and do the same, before splashing the entire face with water a good few times to get rid of it all.  Funny little thing you may experience with this: often, hours later, I'll be doing nothing and suddenly crunch on some in my mouth!

I would recommend this to combination to oily skins, or skins that have thickened slightly with age.  I think if you had a dry/normal or sensitive skin type then this may not be the one for you.  The tube cost around £8 from Holland and Barrett, and I only really picked it up from there because it was convenient and on a half price offer when I picked up my Manuka Doctor Serum.  The tube will last a couple of months because you hardly need to use anything to see results.
Hope you enjoyed this - Dead Sea Spa Magik is a very underrated Brand, and I shall be bringing you a few more reviews on it once I've stocked up!
Love A.x