So, it seems that July is well and truly over!  Not that I feel like it ever really started!  How I long for the constant sun: here's hoping August brings with it some yummy weather!
First off, in terms of faves this month is an odd and completely random choice: flags!  Nooooooo, not as in country flags, but as in post-it note-type flags.  July was the month I was completely buried under books, and the post-it flags truly were my friends!  I spent a fortune on them in WHSmith only to find Wilkinson's sells them for 50p!  Plus, tip for you - if you are marking up your books or notes, use the see-through ones.  It drove me insane when I used up all my see-throughs, and had to try using opaques: needless to say, reading was postponed that day!
Last month, as you probably know, was the month of the serum for me: I could not get enough of them!  This month however, has most definitely been the month of the mask.  I already have a comprehensive skincare routine, and like to supplement it with various things – one month it may be actual supplements, last month was extra serums, and this month has been a mask-y month.  My masks of choice include the REN Glycolactic, the REN ClearCalm Clay Mask, Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask, Lush Cosmetic Catastrophe, and Good Things 5 Minute mask.  

Of course, out of that merry bunch I have my faves: the REN ClearCalm and the Good Things mask.  I received the REN as part of the ClearCalm trial kit, and adored it – everything from its herbally fragrance to its ability to de-congest and calm the skin, but as much as I have really managed to eke out the tube, it was a tiny tube, and I cannot justify the £30 that a full-size will cost at the moment (note, I will be buying one once I’m earning again!).  Therefore, with that in mind, I toddled off to boots to find myself a clay mask, returning with the Good Things 5 Minute Mask.  Moreover, let me tell you, it nears the wondrous heights of the REN mask in all categories!  It is the most scrumptious smelling mask I have come across, tingles on contact with the skin, dries, tightens, and then relaxes into the face.  The results?  Softer, clearer, visibly cleaned skin.  If my skin is being problematic, I have taken to using a blob of this as a cleanser to control oil for the whole day.
Nars Sheer Glow.  Always, always my fave foundation.  Nevertheless, I like to try new things, and try new things I have this month: Clinique’s new matte foundation, YSL’s latest foundation offering, Dior’s Nude.  But, I have to admit, my heart lies with the Sheer Glow, and when it ran out, and I was weighing up foundation options, for the first time EVER I have repurchased a foundation: my Sheer Glow.  I find it to be just perfect – if you have not tried it, I HIGHLY recommend that you do on the ASAP!
This month I have loved pink cheeks.  Pink is my favourite colour: it really, really makes me happy, and as such, I have been using my make up to make me happy (Lush Emotional Brilliance eat your heart out!).  Topshop’s Cream Blush in Prime Time is my blush of choice, just a lovely dolly pink that blends completely flawlessly into the skin.
On a nighttime, as I sleep, I love to watch a children’s movie!  I find that it makes me happy, sleepy and just generally improved my day: I do however, have a few rules when it comes to my bed time movie – I don’t like any films with scary bits, and I like things that make me laugh.  This month’s main choices have been Arthur Christmas, which is just ridiculously cute:

Despicable Me: the most hilarious film I have ever watched and continues to be hilarious every time I watch it:

and Tangled which is just a lovely film:
I hope you liked this month's faves, and be sure to have a quick peek at my Blog Sale.
Love A.x