Today's little post is on a brand that I have been really loving for the last couple of months or so: REN.  As a brand, REN sets out to achieve many of the things that I feel contribute towards beautiful, healthy skin, and as I am ALLLLLLLL about skincare, their ethos fits right into the way in which I look after my own skin.  Previously I had tried the Travel Kit for Combination Skin, and to be honest I loved all the products, purchasing a full-size of the T-Zone Balancing Fluid when my travel size had run out.  About a month ago, over at ASOS there was a flash beauty sale, and I picked up another of the travel kits, this time the one for Blemish Prone Skin, which is named ClearCalm.  Let me tell you now, I did not think this would outdo the last travel kit, but OMG it really did.  
Within this little kit you receive a ClearCalm 3 Anti-Blemish Clay Cleanser, the Anti-Blemish Day Fluid, ClearCalm 3 Anti-Blemish Treatment Mask and finally the ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum.  All of these products, first and foremostly, are beautifully calming, with a wonderfully soothing herbal scent.  All act to counteract redness, prevent breakouts and leave the skin both purified and comfortable.  All of these products would help any current skincare routine for oily/combination, sensitive, spot-prone skin to work overtime.  Of course, as with any full skincare set, I have my faves within the bunch: 2 heroine products which I will be purchasing in their full-size as soon as I have the funds!

Now, the two products above - the day fluid and the clay cleanser - though beautiful, carefully thought through products as part of the range are the two that I deem to be least necessary.  The cleanser, first off, is lovely, thick, creamy, feels like its working to deeply cleanse, and leaves the skin soft and balanced BUT could easily be replaced by using the mask (review coming after the jump) with a little water, thereby saving the pennies by using one product to multitask.  The day fluid is also a lovely product, it is almost water-based serum-like in texture, a clear, thin gel, but therein is where the problem lies for me: I like my moisturisers to be more moisturiser than a weird serum hybrid!  As such, this is the product I have hardly touched, instead I reach for my daily moisturiser, which is another REN product - the REN T-Zone Balancing Fluid.

Now, the two products above - the mask and the night serum - are the two that when I have some money, I will not be going without!  The mask is a wonderful, unctious, thick, gloopy, gloppy clay that sucks out all the disgusting-ness from your skin!  It, as with all of the range, smells calming and balancing, and once washed off, helps the skin to be calm and clear.  The Night Serum is another products that I am ridiculously in love with - it is a thicker serum, a gel-cream hybrid, white in colour, that is soft to the touch, and sinks into the skin when patted on lightly.  I find that on contact, skin feels nourished, and soothed, and upon waking in the morning, my face is more even-toned and bright.

In all the pictures above, from L-R is the Cleanser, Mask, Night Serum and Day Fluid, just so you can get a feel for the textures!
I hope you liked this post - it is the kind I LOVE writing!
Love A.x