Sooooooooo I really do not like the word 'haul'.  Hence I have used the word plunder, which is a pretty cool word: plus, it reminds me of pirates, and I do love a good old pirate!  Anyways, the entirety of this primark plunder cost me £20.50, which I think you'll agree is pretty good going when you see what I've purchased:

As you can see, a pretty small but useful haul!

I have both an obsession with and a problem with shoes: I only like my shoes - be they heels or flats - pointy, making it hard during some seasons to buy any that I feel truly comfortable in.  I already have a pair of this type of pointy flat shoe in cream with a tan toe from River Island, where they cost me £22, but I love to have a few pairs of back ups for the sole fact that when I need a new pair it tends to be just my luck that I can't find any affordable pointy shoes!  These pairs were just £5 each, and as such I couldn't resist picking up both colourways!  The first pair is a white/cream with a black suede toe, and the second is a dusky pink with a beauty rose-gold metallic toe.  The fabric of the shoes is almost like a very very short suede, very soft, but I think they would gather dust and dirt quickly!  The fit is true to size - I am a 5 and these are a 5!  Compared to my River Island pair, these aren't as sturdy, and I suspect won't last forever, but for £5 they really give me a few more options for flat shoe days!
These earrings were something I had been lusting after since I saw the press release in May or June.  I love a pair of statement earrings, whether they be big studs or huge danglies, and these really caught my eye.  I had been searching for them foreeeeeeever when I finally found them.  Art deco in style, dark, matte gold, with gunmetal stones, they are to die for.    I really think they'll add a touch of class to an outfit.  Plus, they only cost me £2.50!

I am a Disney freak.  I am also a magpie - I looooooove shiny things, so when I came across this it was instant love!  The fit is not perfect for me - fitted things suit me, whereas something baggy like this doesn't tend to, but I loved it so much I picked it up anyways!  I did get the size 6 as opposed to the 8 to counteract the fit, but that didn't really help.  It is beaautiful and I'm thinking it would be lovely on hot days with some cropped trousers.  This was £8, and just for the sheer amount of sequins on it, I think its more than worth it!
What have you all plundered lately?
Love A.x