EEEEEEEEEKKKK.  Excitement.  I am now proud owner of a beautiful Kindle Touch.  But you have a Kindle already, I hear you say.  Well yes, but now it belongs to my sister.  I traded in a load of textbooks I no longer needed into Amazon, and got about £65 worth of credit; my sister then gave me £35 for my old Kindle (I say old, but I only got it for Christmas), and lo and behold, I came into possession of a Kindle Touch.  Now, I'm not one for changing things willy nilly, but I do love me my touch-screen gadgets.  So much easier than buttons!  
So, what is different about the Kindle Touch?  Well actually there have been a fair few additions and improvements since the Kindle 4, most notably the touch aspect which just makes everything easier!  This Kindle also now has the ability to play music, audio books, and the choice to have your book read to you - although the voices are very Stephen Hawkings-esque AND they read the books in a weird rhythm!

The Kindle Touch is a tad bigger than the Kindle 4, but comes complete with speakers, a headphone jack and a slighter bigger screen, which leads to a brilliant book view and reading experience.

This is a beautiful, gorgeous gadget that I will love forever!  Already my sister has found - for free - the whole of Terry Pratchett's book list, the Artemis Fowl books which I have yet to read, as well as an illustrated version of Matilda to name just a few.  I also bought this lovely dusky mauve coloured cover for £3.99 off ebay, and then pop the whole contraption into the following cover that my mother made for me:

Currently I am enjoying the ramblings of Karl Pilkington!  I wholeheartedly would recommend this, it is worth all of the £109 that it cost!
Love A.x