Lately I was contacted, and asked if I would like to give the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask a trial.  Of course, being the skincare-obsessed blogger that I am, I jumped at the chance.  Vichy is a brand that I am really quite familiar with in terms of both skincare and cosmetics.  I first turned to Vichy when I felt my skin needed covering up, and ended up buying their Dermablend Corrective foundation, which provided serious, flawless coverage - nowadays I use it as a heavy-duty concealer.  I also consistently use their Setting Powder , which is one of my must-haves, beautiful, finely milled, and leaves the complexion in a haze of soft-focus loveliness.  In terms of skincare, I alternate my current REN moisturiser with the Vichy Normaderm moisturiser, which leaves the face matte, soft, and smelling a litttttttttttle bit of green apples!

Now, onto the product in question! When I first saw the press release, I must admit I was the teeeensiest bit excited: I saw that this product contained two of my most favourite skincare ingredients - Clay and Glycolic Acid.  These, in my opinion, are the two ingredients that make the most difference to my particular skin.  I also LOVED the idea of a multi-action product that can be used in different ways.  As soon as I received it, I just had to try it!  First impressions were: nice tube, nice dispensing action, and a scrummy, yummy apple/clean smell. 
Good right?  From here, it only gets better!  I have now had the chance to test this for around a week, using it in all its various modes, and have to say, this stuff is a-may-zing.  Looking at the product dispensed you could be mistaken into thinking it is a gritty, bitty formula, encased in a super-thick cream.  The "bits" themselves, although verrrrry visible, are incredibly soft, and buff across the skin as opposed to scratching the surface.  Using it as a cleanser, I apply a littttle bit to my hands, and apply neat to the face, then add as much water as I feel I need of a day.  I then do the usual cleansing in circular movements, activating the scrub part of the product, and find that the cream just feels truly luxurious gliding across the skin.  I then splash it off with warm water, dry my face, and admire the clarity, lightness and soft texture of my freshly cleansed skin!

As a mask, you hardly need to apply any product, again I just spread this thinly across the face, and it works its magic in as little as five minutes.  The results with this as a mask mean that I find my skin as beautified as it is with the cleanser/scrub, but better!  This product arrived just just in time - as I was experiencing a breakout on my chin and jawline.  In as little as 3 days of use, my problem areas were more or less clear, and the rest of my face had a bright, healthy look to it.  Of course, this was a product that I was given to test, BUT I can honestly say that this is a product that I would repurchase on my own merit: the price point is around £11 (should be in Boots mid-August, so any day now), which you may find a little steep for a cleanser, BUT you should remember that it is a product that in my own opinion, fills a niche for a multi-purpose product that actually works on all fronts.  I highly recommend this to anyone with a combination-to-oily skin type, and anyone with problem areas.  A lovely little product, that feels far more luxurious than its price suggests!
I think this has spurred me on to maybe trying some more skincare from the brand - I will definitely be doing a little research!
Love A.x