On Friday, I went to see the new Batman film, and I LOVED it.  I particularly loved the sophistication and slight mischievousness that Anne Hathaway bought to the role of Catwoman, which somehow got me thinking about heroines, and in this case, my nighttime skin heroines!  Odd kind of word association, I know, BUT that is the way my mind works!  So today, I am sharing with you my heroines of the nighttime skincare variety!
I love skin care in general, and nighttime skin care is just a whole other kind of level to add into your routine: I find it is THE best time to completely beautify your skin, and a time where I address any concerns from the day.  My routine generally consists always of a serum and an eye cream, and then I add in a leave-on mask, moisturiser or extra serums as needed.
Let us start with the eye cream: I need an eye cream morning and night due to my eczema-prone eyelids, and generally, I do not stray away from the Eucerin AquaPorin Eye Cream, as I feel it fulfils all my needs, and keeps away eczema and signs of ageing.  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, it is super amazing for sensitive eyes, it deeply moisturises, but it a very light texture, requiring the tiniest amount on application.
In terms of night serums, my heart belongs to two: the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and the REN ClearCalm Night Serum.  The Estee Lauder has been one of the biggest revelations in my whole skincare, providing such quick and tangible results that there was just no way I could not carry on using it!  I have done an original review on it, which you can find here in case you would like to know more details about it.  What I will say is that it really helps with brightness, softness and clarity of the facial skin, whilst also getting rid of any breakouts that might randomly appear.  The REN is one that is slightly different to the Estee Lauder.  In terms of texture, whilst the Estee Lauder is a thickish liquid, clear but scented, the REN is a thickish gel-hybrid that is white in colour with a very soothing herbal scent.  It is perfect for calming the skin when any break outs appear, and I tend to use this over the Estee Lauder, but it is gorgeous used on its own as well.  It sinks into the skin quickly, and feels soothing and calming.  When I wake up after using this, I find my skin to be even-toned and calm.
At the moment I am a little obsessed with face masks - I love how much they can do for my skin in a relatively small amount of time, and am quite prone to just leaving them on for hours whilst I get on with my life about the house.  I do not however have a leave-on mask - I know many people have the Origins Drink-Up, but I have not got around to purchasing it yet! - so I improvised.  I recently bought the Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask to work alongside my Liquid Gold, and I loved the results I was getting from it.  Therefore, I thought to myself, as I do, I bet I would get amazing results by using this for even longer.  So I did!  After applying Liquid Gold at nighttime (which is amazing stuff), I used a thin layer of the Alpha H Liquid Gold Mask and rubbed it in as one would rub in moisturiser.  Now, I am not recommending that you do the same, that is a lot of active ingredient for anyone's skin to take, but I am more than aware as to how much my skin can tolerate.  On waking, my skin looks firmer, and plumper.  I love the effect that it gives, and try to use this combination 1-2 times a week.
Now, I do not always use a nighttime moisturiser - sometimes the combination of serums I use is enough to give me moisture and balance the skin overnight.  If I do use a nighttime moisturiser, it is generally with the aim to provide a huge amount of moisture back into my skin - for example if it has been in an eczema mood, or if it is just dehydrated.  For this, I use the DCL Post Peel Recovery cream, which smells of angel delight and delivers a hit of hydration in just one application.  It is a gorgeous cream leftover from my days as a Beauty PR, and as the name suggests, it was created to nourish the skin after a chemical peel.  
The last thing I do at nighttime is apply a lip balm to my perpetually dry lips, and drink water!
Then it is off to bed, and to wake up with better skin than I had last night!
Love A.x