Today I bring you some absolutely fabulous finds - so fabulous in fact that for once, this collection includes my own items, my sister's items, and items of my mother's!  This kind of solidarity in a product has only ever occurred with the fabulous Liquid Gold, and never, never, never with any other product! So, here is our combined Kate Moss collection:

The Kate Moss lipsticks are by far the best on the high street - I would even go as far as to say that I prefer them to Mac lipsticks.  Rich in colour, bold pigment, and super, super soft and moisturising on the lips - even the matte finishes!  The colour range is amazing, as you can see our collection goes from light nude, through to dark nude, to vibrant red, burgundy, and then a vampy plum.  Each colour comes translates perfectly to the lips, and is a dream to wear.  The dark red can be seen on my latest Face of the Day here, and like I say in that post, it literally lasted on me ALL DAY!  

All in all, the best lipsticks I've come across in quite a while - they cater for a wide range of skin tones, and I am so impressed that I think I'll be going back for the hot pink, number 20!
Love A.x