Hola Munchkins!
I love me a little bit (or a lot-ter bit!) of Barbie. Now, believe you me, I am not dumb by any standards, but something about barbie just appeals to me!  Lately I have been on the look out for a real Barbie, but deeper, type lipstick - and here are my latest results!
Sleek Loved Up
A deep but bright pink, with hints of red - glossy, moisturising finish.  Hugely pigmented, as with all Sleek lippies!
Sleek Mystic
A mauve/purple that leans pink, beautiful either used lightly and patted in, or layered on for a full-on effect!  Matte, but not drying texture
Maybelline Colour Sensation in 902 Fuschia Flash
Very, very bright pink.  Not quite highlighter, but definitely getting there!
All beautifully Barbie-esque!
Love A.x