Hola Munchkins!
Once upon a time I bought a tub of coconut oil.  
I then promptly forgot about it, but the good thing about coconut oil and it's pureness is that it tends to never go off.  So I have rediscovered it.  And I must say, I'm bloody loving the stuff.  I actually bought it first and foremost as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair: melt a load of it in my hands, rake fingers through hair, massage and leave (overnight if possible) and hey presto, beautiful, soft, soft hair.  

Now, these days, I am lazy when it comes to my hair, and if truth be told, I prefer it to not be soft and silky, I love body, guts and texture.  So what am I using my rediscovery for?  Well, I'll tell you - it is my newest cleansing balm.  I had a little thought a few days ago, about parabens and the like - I am not adverse to a paraben or two, but I figure if you can avoid, then do.  And coconut oil avoids, so all the better!  

What I love about using this as a cleansing balm is that a teeny tiny bit of coconut oil melts down to a lot of cleanser, and is lovely and slippy on the skin, meaning a lovely massage.  When flannelled off it leaves the skin soft, cleansed and ever so slightly glowy.
The other thing I love about it?  It's super duper cheap for a tub, and it last forrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Have you ever used coconut oil for anything?
Love A.x