Hola Munchkins!
Now, I am not a good repurchaser.  I am ultimately fickle because I love skincare and always believe that there is something better out there, even if I actually have the perfect product in front of me.  It's a very confusing life!  But today, we have a repurchase! Shock, horror!  Here we have L'oreal's Cleansing Oil:
Repurchased before it ran out, that is a true testament to a product I really adore.  Now, I can sing the praises of this oil from the rooftops - you've probably had a little taste of how I feel about it in my August Faves post.  But essentially, this is a lovely, slippery, soft cleansing oil that removes all scraps of make up from my face, leaving it both refreshed, well-cleansed and softened.  I love this as a first cleanse - or a kind of pre-cleanse, if you will - because it takes the bulk of my make up off, which I find essential in the first cleanse.  I find nothing so easy and effective at a first cleanse as this - few pumps in my hand, massage onto face, starting at eyes, and then (depending on my mood) add water to emulsify and splash off, or wring out a hot flannel, and wipe the oil off.  Either way, the results are always brilliant - this resides in my forever-go-to-cleanser picks.
Love A.x