Hola Munchkins!
One of my "afflictions" if you will is a chronic deficiency of Vitamin D.  Now, this year we had quite the gloriously sunny, hot summer, which left me feeling more energised than I have for a few years!  As soon as the sun gave way to autumn, I felt my energy levels plummet, quite drastically, and quite definitely!  I tend to be quite forgetful when it comes to taking tablets - I've an awful memory, so when I came across the D Lux Vitamin D Spray and it was on offer, I felt like a ray of light was shining on me!
Being a spray, for some reason I seem to be actually taking it daily. I can also just pop it in my bag if needs be! It tastes yummy, just like peppermint, and you literally spray it onto your tongue for your full dose of Vitamin D.  It's been less than a week, so I can't tell you how I'm getting on with it yet, but I'm certain its got to help in some way!
Love A.x