Hola Munchkins!
I have been very poor of late - starting a new job one week from the end of the month meant a whooooooooooole 5 weeks of no money! And then I got paid, and surprisingly I haven't gone crazy with riches yet! I did however pick up a few Maybelline bits on their 3 for 2 offer in Boots, and have been pleasantly surprised with them =).
So, first up we have the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara - I picked this up because I love to do my brows, I just find I tend to forget, so this is perfect.  Literally a couple of swipes through the brows, and tah-dah!  Day-ready brows!  Now, my brows don't really need a lot of attention, so this is perfect for myself, but if you have sparse brows in the first place, I do not think this is quite the product for you!
Next up, the Master Kajal Khol Liner.  I love khol and kajal, they are just perfect for me, but I was disappointed with the last Maybelline one, which to me was neither khol nor kajal, but after running out of my Rimmel Scandaleyes, I thought I'd give this a little go, and actually I really like it! It is lovely and dark, a little bit smudgy, just the way I like it, and stays put on the waterline!
So Maybelline have scored a hit!
Much Love, Ani x