Hola Munchkins!
Winter, believe it or not, is a cold creature, and I as a person, live generally at a temperature that is a couple of degrees below most people.  As such, winter tends to kill me.  And this year, I die doubly, due to the fact that since Christmas day I have been living it up in the most tropical of climes (35-45 degrees)!!  So I will do almost anything to warm myself up, including tricking myself with a warming scent.  
Enter YSL Belle D'Opium - my favourite scent of the moment.  I was lucky enough to be gifted it by my wonderful uncle, aunty and cousins.  I love this scent, and have always loved the idea of the original Opium, but found it to always be too woody and oppressive for my personal tastes.  Belle D'Opium (as it's name suggests) adds a dark sweetness (imagine opium dens) to the scent - think Jasmine, Sandalwood.  Truly addictive, this is a heady, seductive scent that definitely lives up to its name =).
What are your winter perfume faves?
Love Ani x