Hola Munchkins, 

It has again been quite a little while since I last let my words flow on this old blog of mine.  You may have seen we've had a little makeover =).
So, the objectives posts: a new way of me setting attainable targets throughout the year.  You know the drill - when you set targets that are too big, you often don't achieve them, and can feel disappointed in yourself.  So I'm taking action!  Small goals, bigger chance of achievement!  So here goes February's goals:
Find the positives every day: As you may know, I've been going through a few things, and life seems to often not let up!  But, when you think about it, something good happens every day.
  • Eat better: Along with going through the mill, often comes unhealthy eating - I need to eat healthier just so I feel well.  Lots of carbs are definitely not my wellness friend!
  • DRINK WATER.  Normally I'm amazing at this - I love water.  But I've been lazy and this has now led to the worst bout of eye eczema that I've ever had - it has lasted over a month!
  • Do a short juice cleanse.  I love juicing.  We have had a juicer for a few months, and almost without fail I make a different juice for my whole family every day.  I feel like my whole system just needs a rest, and a juice cleanse will be just the thing!
  • Blog again! Life gets in the way, but I adore writing, so I need to make the time to blog, safe in the knowledge that it leaves me feeling relaxed.

So, those are this month's goals.  I will write a little note at the bottom of each blog post will a tiny update - hopefully it will keep me on track!
Much love,

Ani x