Hola Munckins!
I have never been one for taking PROPER care of my nails.  Fake care, yes - nail polish with base and top coat, and a good file, but never proper care. That has all changed. I have become a new woman with a changed view on looking after my hands.  In fact, I now even put cream on my hands. Shock horror.  Gone are the days where I recoiled in fear from hand cream (I generally only like creams on my face), and in place is a woman who now does things to her cuticles, with creams, and even occasionally oils. And this is my basic nail essential kit:
So, here we have a hand cream that I actually love - the Neom Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream. Slight mouthful of a name, but a truly lovely, highly luxurious product.  Exotically rose-y in scent, not cloying or too heady, this hand cream has a lovely, soft, silky, and ultimately thin texture that glides over the hand, enabling it to be massaged into the hands super easily, leaving a velvety, cosseted texture that is to die for.
The other two essentials are base and top coat - I never paint my nails without using both.  First up, the Nail Nurse 5 in 1 Base and Top Coat. This is a new one to my collection - I needed something more moisturising for my nails, and this seemed to fit the bill for a base coat. Of course, we end with my beloved - albeit teeny - Seche Vite, which is just the best top coat in the world, no arguments.
Much Love, Ani x