I do have quite odd eyes - they will behave for a while and then BANG! Eczema, itchiness, sensitivity all come at once and boy does it hurt. I got to thinking that I probably shouldn't be wearing any make up during these episodes, but this is me, and I don't do no make up. So I changed the most irritating eye wear - mascara - to a mascara specifically for sensitive eyes. Enter Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care.
Now this is a purchase that I'd been thinking about for a while - in the past I have used the various other variants of this mascara, and found them to be pretty good. First off, the brush - traditional bristles, not too big and a straight wand. Just how I like it to be honest. Fine, a larger brush is my normal weapon of choice, but for sensitive eyes, the precision of the smaller brush works brilliants. The brush wiggles right up into the roots of lashes, and de-clumps as you pull it through to the ends. The mascara is pure black, and is perfect for everyday wear (I like my everyday eyes a little heavy), and can be built up. I always looks for volume in a mascara, and this delivers perfectly, all the while never irritating my eyes.
Much love,
Ani x